Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fingerless Gloves ~ Progress

an update on the fingerless gloves in progress. last week I showed you some samples in this post, I was trying to figure out what stitch to use for this project and invicta colour yarn by Scheepjeswol

I ended up making one glove with thumb (to the right in the picture below). I like it, however it is too short to my liking and I am not a big fan of the 'lines' in between the bobble stitches. as a result, I started a longer glove without the lines (left). a few more rows till I am finished. question is: to crochet a thumb or not to crochet a thumb? what is your idea on that? 

and I couldn't resist starting a second design with the wave pattern (middle), but it is quite the puzzle. I have said some nasty words in the past few hours to get it right. it is too wide for my wrist now, so I have to unravel it one more time I hope. and then let's see how that one will work out.

in the mean time I am still struggling with the saturation and other settings of the photo's of this project, I hope it doesn't hurt your eyes too much looking at these images on your screen...

oh and don't you like these rather special ranunculus? I had never seen them before and like their frills.


  1. YOu are such a perfectionist. What lines? I don't see any lines? Is it the slight seam you mean in the right glove. That line that no one but you can see? Ha ha ha! I love the thumb. Add a thumb. The yarn is gorgeous. Love the autumn colors. Well done. And the shell stitch adventure... I started also a shell stitch fingerless glove a few weeks ago. Got half way and stopped. It is a bit of a puzzle. Take a deep breath. You will figure it out.

  2. Those gloves look amazing such a gorgeous pattern you've chosen! The flowers are gorgeous too I've never seen anything like them.

  3. I'm not a knitter, so I have no advice, but the colours are gorgeous, and so are your flowers! xx

  4. Almost finished...and they look lovely! the colors are delightful ♥

  5. Great gloves, love the beautiful yarn, just the perfect colors for fall!
    Have a great week!

  6. So pretty, the yarn colours are so beautiful!

  7. Are you going to post a pattern when they are finished? I still have 2 skeins of Invicta here (bought them impulsively 2 years ago and I don't know what to do with them now) and I would loooooooove to make beautiful handwarmers with them!

    x Kirsten

  8. I love your gloves, but without the thumb!!!!
    Your ranunculus are gorgeous!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  9. Lovely colors! My go to gift for the holidays this year are arm warmers, without a thumb. Super easy to whip up in worsted weight. I am known forgiving hand made scarves, but I was really looking for a change. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Your gloves/wrist warmers are gorgeous, the yarn has such beautiful colours, I really like the wave pattern too if you fancied making those
    I've not seen ranunculi like that either, so pretty!

  11. Love the look - and the colorway! So inspiring :)

  12. Lovely strong colors and nice wrist warmers!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~