Monday, October 21, 2013


thank you all so much for your comments and love for the finished blanket I posted last week. they mean the world to me, your words are so motivating. hugs, kisses and thank you!

let me show you some Instagram shots from last week:

tea and mini cakes with grandma, flower shop display, image from last year, walnuts from the backyard

hello there this is me :) I needed a new head shot, fingerless gloves in the making, blanket finished

doily love pattern by Emma Lamb in this book, behind the scenes, first pumpkin soup of the season and dreamy rose

and last but not least: a super scary shot of my full and messy craft room/ studio/ work space. ahum. let's call this the 'before' picture. with the super high ceilings, original 1915 wooden floor, 2 large windows and lots of square meters it makes for one dreamy room. at the same time it is a puzzle to put the furniture pieces together in a way that makes it a cozy place too. while organizing I am fighting the battle whether I have too less storage space or too much stuff... I am leaning towards the latter and that might result in a give away soon.

this picture was taken on Friday. some organizing took place this weekend and furniture pieces were shuffled around a bit. to keep myself motivated, I will promise to post a progress picture every Monday in the coming weeks. because after all: it could only get better than this!

also, for the crocheters among my readers: look for a bit of gorgeous vintage inspiration here
and this little video put a smile on my face, I found it through Mollie's site

happy Monday to you!


  1. Me gusto mucho el film del muñeco de lana a falta de pan buenas son las tortas, es interesante como uno puede crear histórias verdad.

  2. Hope that you are able to get your craft room how you want it to be soon! It is something that takes a while sometimes when you have lots of stuff and lots of space to get the right balance. xx

  3. Prachtige plaatjes!!!! en ja... ook die laatste hahaaa!! liefs x

  4. What a wonderful crafting space.

  5. Je deken is prachtig geworden, echt heel mooi! Wat een heerlijke ruimte om in te richten, daar kun je veel kanten mee op. Succes met het inrichten, ik ben heel nieuwsgierig naar het resultaat.
    Onze workshopruimte verhuisde vorige week naar een oud pand met hoge plafonds en daar komt nu alles langzaam aan op z'n plek te staan. Groetjes, Nathaly

  6. Je deken is zeker heel erg mooi geworden. Fijn om lekker onder te duiken, op de bank, met een kopje thee!
    Wat een heerlijke plaatjes!

  7. I love your studio, looking forward to see the process
    And you blog and your work is fantastic
    hugs from Sif

  8. What a room! I am green like Kermit the frog of envy!!! Smashing! And how funny wasn't that movie. Spot on. For a moment I thought he would shrink though... Ha ha ha!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~