Tuesday, November 5, 2013


a weekend of Fall in Berlin. mostly wet, quite some wind too. loads of beautiful coloured leafs and a little bit of sunshine. quite a rough and tough city we found, a charm and style of it's own.

lots of delicious coffee and accompanying treats to warm up

a tour in the glass dome of the Reichstag, very interesting and beautiful with amazing Berlin view

a typical Berlin Sunday afternoon Flohmarkt, slowly getting in Christmas mood

Berlin. a very short visit. it turns out to be a huge city. not jut big. huge. my advice would definitely be to book at least 5 days. there's a great public transport network that never makes you wait more then 4 minutes for the next train, bus or subway. absolutely perfect. and you need it to travel between the nice areas, they're just too far apart to walk. you'll be walking a lot anyway, that's for sure.

with the help of Sandra, Holly and Nathalie we were able to make a selection and focus on a small part of the city: the areas Mitte and a bit of Prenzlauer Berg. 

a few spots I'd like to recommend based on our own visits:
* cute little shop and paper goodies at R.S.V.P. with an online shop too. I got the coloured stickers and a cute notebook there as you can see in the image above
* delicious coffee at The Barn and Lois, absolutely perfect carrot cake at The Barn
* great bookstore with a fabulous selection of international magazines do you read me?!
* dinner at restaurant Lokal where everything you eat and drink is provided by local suppliers and truly delicious
* all over Germany there are Muji shops. I saw their shop for the first time in New York and just love their simple Japanese designs and cute Christmas collection

I found two yarn shops. Loops was too far away for us to walk and we ran out of time to visit. knit knit was closed by the time we accidentally walked by it. can you believe it?! I did not visit one yarn shop in Berlin. aaaaah. definitely have to go back!

keep in mind most shops are closed on Sundays. cash is what you need in most places. get a public transport ticket and comfortable walking shoes to get around. most people speak English and are very helpful. if you'd like to visit the Reichstag dome, keep in mind registration in advance is required.



  1. Ohhh how cosey!Love your pictures!


  2. Dat ziet er heel goed uit! Wil er ook nog steeds een keer heen.... En dan nu weer terug in herfstig Nederland! X

  3. Great pictures, makes me a little homesick, we were fortunate to call Berlin home for a few years, what a beautiful city, hope to go back one day!!!
    Thanks for sharing,
    have a great week!

  4. Wonderful images, as always. I loved visiting Berlin a few years ago and found it to be a very vast and interesting place to visit. Would love to go back again some day.

  5. Heerlijke stad! Is voor mij alweer ruim 3 jaar geleden dat ik er was. Genieten van jouw mooie foto's!

    groetjes van Ellebel

  6. I love Muji!
    Berlin slowly appeared on my list of places that I would love to visit. Had a quick 2 half-days in transit through Munich last year, that was great, and to visit the Christmas market! But I want more time for Berlin.

  7. Leuk zo'n weekendje weg! Zo te zien hebben jullie veel gezien!

    Fijne avond!

    Madelief x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~