Monday, December 2, 2013


my instagram Monday posts unintentionally skipped a week, but here it is again. after a lovely weekend without any appointments I feel totally recharged. ready to start a new week, the first of December. probably my favourite month of the year. quality time with family and friends, good food, fire place, crafts, and of course Sinterklaas and Christmas. this month is jam packed with loveliness!

in the pictures: peeks into our little village, so well decorated for the season. to match my new shawl, I made a set of sleeves. I am wearing them as I am typing this, so cozy and warm. hmmmm… a tadaa is planned for tomorrow. scarf, sleeves, the whole package.


sharing some December loveliness:
* have you entered the yarn give away to win a wooly ball of Invicta Colour yarn from Scheepjeswol?
* and have you checked out the sale on handmade items in the creJJtion shop
* as well as the chance to win an item of your choice form the creJJtion shop through instagram?

later this week: tadaa of the shawl with matching sleeves, finished potholders after grandma's example and a new pattern. stay tuned! wishing you a happy and cozy first week of December.



  1. I didn't even realise you had an instagram account, following you now. Can't wait to see more beautiful images to come through on my feed.

  2. I love those new shell stitch wristwarmers!

  3. Your potholders and wrist warmers are looking lovely! xx

  4. I am in LOVE with the wrist warmers you have made! I love this pattern. Such charming colors as well :-)

  5. Gorgeous pictures, I always forget to update my instagram account. Your cream pink and grey wristwarmers are perfect, such a good colour combination.

  6. I follow you on Instagram and love your photos- you have such a lovely colour palette. Your wristwarmers are so pretty x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~