Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last Week

another week has gone by and unintentionally I didn't blog. days seem to pass by like hours… 
I am enjoying them greatly though, in good company and with lovely weather. a little bit of Spring cleaning and de-cluttering here and there feels good. fixing the sleeve Floyd chewed a bit was easier and quicker done than I thought. fun times exploring new places and spaces in Den Bosch, taking the blossoms all in, and crocheting up some Easter themed pastel doilies. the pattern is from the lovely book Crochet Living by Nicki Trench, one of my favourite designers. it's a book made with Debbie Bliss yarn and the doilies are named Dashing Doilies. the colour possibilities are endless, I love them.

I will try to arrange a blog post about the doilies and Den Bosch this week. 
But first I'll enjoy a latte in the sunny backyard. Life is good!



  1. Prachtige plaatjes! Heerlijk, groetjes Lisanne
    draad en praat...

  2. There just needs to be a couple more hours every day, don't you think ? But hours that could only be used for blogging and crochet !
    Have a good day,
    Kate x

  3. Ah, the fruit blossoms and magnolia, just beautiful! Glad to see spring has arrived for you x x

  4. baharı özledik. danteller çok güzel. sevgiler....

  5. So pretty!!! We are slowly moving into spring.....but snow storm tonight!!!! I love the doilies!!! Such heavenly colors!!!

  6. Such beautiful colors on your sweet blog! Enjoyed looking at all your pretty pictures! (I'm hoping our spring gets here soon! We had snow last night, enough to cover everything again) Wishing you a lovely day! xo Holly

  7. Beautiful photos! I love those doilies - I've been eyeing that book, now I think I simply must have it (have you seen her latest book using Noro? I just got it in the post, quite juicy and gorgeous!). The doilies, those pastel colours, are simply sublime...Chrissie x

  8. Love the doilies, so pretty and spring like!! I really must get some more crochet books as these are so inspiring!! Glad that you have been having a good week. xx

  9. wow the ones in the last picture are such a beautiful colour! LOVE :)

  10. You are rather on a discovery trip through the NL are you? So cool to see cities I know well on a blog ;)
    If you fancy to discover Breda sometimes, and crochet together in the most comfy coffeeplace in Breda, I'd love to hear from you!

    xox klarie


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~