Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Preview and Magazines

weeks are flying by, Summer is in full swing with beautiful flowers, long calm nights, bottles of sunscreen and little trips. husband and I visited Dublin, partly for pleasure and partly for work. soon after that came a trip to Rome, celebrating our anniversary (3 years of marriage and 15 years of kisses). both beautiful trips, we feel so lucky to be able to go places and see and experience a different culture, food and language, and to be part of it for a short while.

it is hard to believe it was a coincidence one of my pictures got published in Simply Crochet magazine when we visited Dublin, and a full article about me and my work was published in Country Chic in Italy when we were in Rome. honoured and happy I surely am with all this attention on paper. when we came home, Mollie Makes selected one of my Instagram images for their 'your month in pictures June 2014' feature. 

on top of that, today my publisher released the preview for my book PUUR haken. in less than a month, by August 5, it will be available in book stores all over The Netherlands. as of now you can pre-order hereso exciting!
I'd love to hear what you think of the preview:

last but not least, the new creJJtion website will launch this Thursday. this blog will stay in tact and the last post will refer you to the new blog. if you were following me through your blogspot account, nothing should change, if it all works. if you follow me through Facebook for sure nothing will change. if you follow me through bloglovin I am no too sure if my posts will still show up in your feed, but we'll figure that out.

a lot is going on here in creJJtion land and I'll sure keep you posted! meanwhile, enjoy your Summer.



  1. Congratulations!
    I love your all crochet works and photos.
    I'd like to have this book, really!

  2. Félicitations! Photographies magnifiques! Très beau crochet!
    Lucie x

  3. It's a beautiful book Maaike :) Good job!

  4. Gorgeous preview - it definitely makes me want to read more, and I don't even understand the language! :-) Congrats on the serendipitous magazine coverage, too! Chrissie x

  5. Ow ik kijk zo uit naar je boek!!!! Echt heel gaaf die preview, leuk leuk leuk!
    Groetjes Lisanne
    draad en praat...

  6. BeAUtiFuL!!!! Darling you've done so so so well. I'm holding my breath and am out of words. Bravo!

  7. What a tempting preview...stunning photography and a festival of colours


  8. Congratulations on your anniversary!! I hope that you have lots more happy years of marriage. The book looks lovely, I hope that sometime it comes out in English and that in the meantime it does really well for you so that they definitely will publish it in English!! xx

  9. Ziet er te gek uit! Spannend ook allemaal :-)

  10. Wow, the sun is certainly shining on you at the moment! It's all happening at the minute isn't it and I'm so excited for you. The book preview is fantastic, every bit as stylish, beautiful, exciting and utterly drool-worthy as I was hoping it would be. I already see things I want to make, that potholder is utterly gorgeous for a start. There better be an English version of this book that's all I can say!

    S x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~