Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crochet Galore

thank you all for your lovely comments on the previous post

reading them is very encouraging and rewarding

makes me hurry to add a few more lines to the new baby blanket in progress

do you see I got my inspiration from the Greengate blanket I featured in this post?

I love the double crochet clusters alternating blue and white for a few rows

on a rainy day like this in Holland

I love to browse the web and get inspired for new crochet projects

for example, to make this wonderful mesh bag, check out Elisabeth Andrée's fantastic tutorial here

I love the colorcombination she picked, it looks so stylish and classy!

also, for some baby cuteness

~ other than just blankets ~

visit the Etsy shop Mamachee, can you resist those Chloe slippers on the left?

do not hestitate to visit her lovely blog EASY makes me happy, don't we all agree on that name...


well, long live inspiration

and happy chrocheting!

~  love ~


  1. A gorgeous blanket. Are you making it up as you go or are you following a pattern? Happy crocheting and have a magnificent week! Ames :)

  2. oooh nice!! so cute the baby shoes!!
    happy sunday

  3. Your blanket is beautiful. I really love your colour combination and think those double crochet clusters look really effective and add so much to the look of your blanket. Gorgeous. xx

  4. Yet again a goodlooking blanket-to-be!
    What yarn are you using?

  5. Oja! Dit blauwe dekentje was je laatste project. Die wordt ook mooi!

  6. Lovely blanket,you have such adorable taste.Have a wonderful new week crocheting and enjoying.~~Becky

  7. its beautiful!! I had a horrible realisation last night - Il need about 120 granny squares for a blanket and I have 17....

    oh. So i ordered more yarn lol

  8. It looks realy great, thanks for inspiration.

  9. Gorgeous blanket, so different from most of what i've seen, really love it & the other ideas are great, i'm off to have a peep at those links :D
    Have a lovely day!!!!
    Karen x

  10. I love the colors you've chosen and the different stitches you are using. Really beautiful! Have a great day. Tammy

  11. Complimenti utilizzi l'uncinetto il filo come se avessi in mano pennelli e tavolozza di colori ciao :-)

  12. I agree about the different colour stitches, Maaike - it makes it very different and stylish. I have lusted ovefr that Greengate blanket myself! Lovely xxx

  13. Je deken is prachtig, je hebt wel een heel goed gevoel voor kleurencombinaties! Dank je wel voor het schouderklopje dat je me geeft via je blog:) Lief van je!

  14. Hi maaike! I'm embarrased to say that this is my first visit to your blog but I'm so glad I found it because it's really wonderful! I'm a new follower and look forward to visiting you more! Thank you so much for the feature as well!

  15. I am such a sucker for baby items! The little slippers are super presh! is this yet another blanket that you are knocking out?! You found some AWESOME inspirations out in the cyberverse :)

  16. Wow, bezige bij :-) Mooi hoor. Wat zijn die babyschoentjes superschattig zeg, helemaal leuk.
    Ben benieuwd hoe jou tasje eruit gaat zien.

    Liefs Jolanda.

  17. Hoi Maaike,

    Wat een leuke patronen heb je gevonden! Vooral de tas vind ik erg mooi. Ik ga zo meteen een kijkje nemen.

    Een gezellige zondagavond!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  18. ow wat leuk allemaal :D, je deken schiet al aardig op, en wat leuk zeg die tas en die slofjes zijn ook erg schattig! Fijne avond!

  19. I bought a mamachee birdie rattle for my friend's baby and can absolutely vouch for the high standard of quality!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~