Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding DIY

part one

of some wedding DIY

which I hope will be an inspiration for you

but first let me thank Maureen from Daydream Living

for the beautiful and sweet heart she sent us

Maureen, you are a true sweetheart!

the bunting I made to decorate our home a little

to welcome the family for a little lunch right before the wedding

it will probably not surprise you when I tell you the white and light blue fabric are the husband's former shirts

~ smile ~

the white fabric with grey leaf pattern is actually a curtain from IKEA, I found it in their sale-corner

and this little crochet ringbasket

made of Catania cotton, my absolute favorite when it comes to little items like toys, blankets and ringbaskets

more wedding crochet in a next post

sending you wedding DIY love
it gives such a personal touch to (one of) the most important day(s) in your life

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Je hebt geen idee hoe nuttig deze tips zijn **grijns**, misschien heb je ook tips voor kaarten... toevallig? Misschien? ;-)

  2. I bet that every detail was just perfect. I love the bunting, such a wonderful idea.
    And the crochet basket would be nice to carry my knitting around.
    Every post of yours is a joy to look at.

  3. Heb net al jullie mooie trouwfoto's bekeken. Gefeliciteerd! Jullie zagen er stralend uit!

  4. Congratulations from Spain! I wish you to be very very happy. A hug of heart

  5. I love the bunting!! The colors are beautiful and the fact that it is recycled it makes it even better. Congrats!

  6. this is so amazing. i am all about being a DIY Bride. it makes the experience so much more personal and there is an element of warm beauty to everything as well!

  7. Bunting is a GREAT idea and you can custom-make it to match your wedding decor, fantastic! I also adore ceramic heart, it is so cute, plus you can hang it on the tree at Christmas as a reminder of your wedding.

  8. Hi,
    I am in love with your little crochet basket. Is there a pattern available?
    I'd love to make one for my sisters wedding coming up in the spring.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~