Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wedding DIY part two

mostly crochet

in this second and last Wedding DIY

the thank you gifts we designed and assembled together
and the blanket I made to accompany them

the gifts were made out of almond-sugar-sweets, hand stamped cards,
divine twine to bind the package together,
crochet hearts and the fabric to put the sweets in

for the hearts, see tutorial here

the sweets are VanParys the most delicious of their kind if you ask me

the cards I stamped myself:
our own designed logo and the date on one side
a Dutch thank you ~bedankt~ on the other

I made the hearts first
and afterwards I used the left over yarn to crochet this little heart-blanket
some of you already requested the pattern
it is very crappy though

so I promised myself to design a new one
and write out that pattern here for you
in a few months, after our move to Toronto

and this is what the whole bunch of thank you gifts looked like, lying down on the heartblanket

thank you for staying with me along these post-wedding-notes!

we will get the professional wedding pictures from our photographer soon
so I am not yet done with this topic

~ smile ~

have a lovely day my friend


  1. So much loveliness here Maaike!...Beautiful, personal touches...
    Hope you have a great weekend ahead,
    Susan x

  2. What lovely special gifts, absolutely beautiful
    Karen x

  3. Wat een geweldige plaatjes weer...ik zou wel vaker bij je willen reageren maar ik ben zo slecht met lappen tekst, mijn concentratie laat me daar altijd bij in de steek en als 't dan ook nog Engels is, dus ik hou 't vaak maar bij plaatjes kijken...
    Ik ben btw niet gek hoor haha...maar da's een handicapje zeg maar ;)


  4. I didn't even know one could crochet hearts! They look great, and I especially love the maple leaf in your design, what a great personal touch.

  5. Hello Maaikee, I have just known your blog, it is very colourful and funny, congratulations for your wedding. I love crochet like you, your blankets are realy beautiful. I´m spanish, from the south but we can understand each other in english if you leave a comment in my blog. See you soon.

  6. Heel gaaf, persoonlijk en ja...gehaakt!! :-) Ik snap dat je geen tijd had om daarnaast nog een jurk te haken ;-).

  7. Heel erg mooi, ook de kleuren! Groet, Hannie

  8. Wat ziet dat er allemaal prachtig en verzorgd uit, fris wit met dat blauw, perfect, zo'n persoonlijk bedankje voor jullie huwelijks gasten.
    Daar zitten weer heel wat uurtjes arbeid in .....

  9. Ohh, die bedankjes ... helemaal leuk zeg. Het ziet er allemaal zo leuk en persoonlijk uit en wat een werk heeft daar in gezeten zeg. De plaatjes zijn ook weer super. GAAF :-)

  10. These are very pretty!
    I love the colour combination.
    And that blanket!

  11. I love all shades of blue. Your little heart blanket is beautiful and the thank you gifts are wonderful! Have a fabulous day. Tammy

  12. You are crazy! This heart blanket is righteous! i totally wanna know how you did it!!! You must have magic hands...because you made something that is "crappy" look fantastic!! :)

  13. I think all the thank you gifts you made look beautiful!! And I'm certain your guests loved them!

  14. Such beautiful hearts. I really like the personal touches you incorporated into your wedding details.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~