Saturday, July 16, 2011


just another weekend

in summertime

very sunny yesterday

very rainy today

therefore sitting inside and enjoying myself with the latest magazines

and their sweet summer~tea pictures

dreaming what to make of these gorgeous fabrics I found last weekend

Greengate again I must admit ~ who can resist?!

adding a few lines to the newest babyblanket (left)

and giving you a little hint to the next reveal (right)

what are you up to this weekend?

wishing you a peaceful weekend too

~ no matter the weather ~


  1. I love your new banner!
    The weather is very good down here, in Madrid, although a bit cloudy this afternoon. I have spent some time in a garden center nearby and enjoyed planting some flowers afterwards. The garden looks much prettier now! :)
    I have some sewing projects ongoing. I will leave that part for tonight.

    Enjoy the evening!!!

  2. mooie foto's weer :), oww en die bloemenstofjes en dat blauwe kant is helemaal leuk, ben benieuwd wat je er uiteindelijk van gaat maken! Fijn weekend nog verder!

  3. who on earth can resist greengate? lovely find...

    have a nice sunday... and days (no matter hot or rainy) till the next catch up in a fortnight!!!

  4. Oh I must find somewhere to buy greengate fabrics!

  5. I'm totally feelin the blues, greens and.... is that a brownish-greyish color??? Hmmmm???? Very interested to see what this new Reveal will be. I am making a little boy baby set for a friend this weekend too :)

  6. Wat mooie kleurencombinaties alweer. En je nieuwe banner is prachtig!

  7. Hi, thanks for your sweet comment in my blog. I have been following your blog since the time I started mine but I don't think I have ever left a comment in yours. Happy married life.

  8. Congratulations!
    And proper installation in Canada!
    See you, Nedj

  9. Hi sweet friend...I have missed you! We are home and back to reality. I do miss the sunshine of California...home to more rain.
    How are you doing with your move...make sure you do stock up on all those wonderful Greengate treasures as we do not have them here in Canada. HUGS

  10. Delighted to have happened by your beautiful blog today! I will come visit again soon. Thanks for the inspiration on crochet color combos!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~