Monday, October 3, 2011

Anthropologie & Decor8

I have read so many of your pretty blogs about this store

so it was with high expectations that I went for my very first visit ~ in Vancouver

and Anthropologie was more than worth it

what an amazing store

full of pretty colors, clothing, kitchenware, accessories, jewellery, stationary...

I could not resist to the cutest bird paperclips I had ever seen

inspiring color schemes to be found Everywhere

and of course it was there: DECORATE the book by Holly Becker from the amazing blog Decor8

I am so excited to tell you I signed up for the Blogging Your Way e-course!

Holly Becker from Decor8 and  Leslie Shewring from a Creative Mint are the two instructors

check out the amazing color me pretty schemes  by Leslie here on Decor8

the e-course starts this Friday and I can hardly wait
to transform creJJtion into all that I imagine it to be and more

so, if you are ready for a last minute sign up like me, visit here to read the course outline

wouldn't it be fun to be in the same class?!

~ blogging excitement! ~


  1. Enjoy! Nog meer inspiratie! Maar je blog is wat mij betreft nu al helemaal fijn!
    Geniet van je dag. Suus

  2. How wonderful that you got to spend time with Koralee. I visited Anthropologie for the first time a couple of summers ago after reading about it on many blogs. Love, love, love that store! Hope your day is great. Tammy

  3. I agree Anthropologie is amazing! I think there styling and layout is incredible.
    Hope you enjoy the BYW course, and meet other likeminded people.

  4. Welcome to the Anthropologie club! And VERY interested to know how you get on with the e-course. I was so tempted to sign up but with moving I have too much going on at the moment so wouldn't be able to do it justice. Maybe next year. Enjoy! C.x

  5. I love what I see.We dont have a store like that here I wish we would get one lol.Gorgeous things.Thanks for sharing~!

  6. No way, In Vancouver b.c.!? I wish I would have known this last week!!!

  7. i love to look at Anthropology's online their stunning goods...i love your blog, so i am going to be interested to this course inspires you...will be watching closely..;)

  8. Leuk om je straks 'on-line' bij BYW te ontmoeten :-) Heb er ook erg zin in! Wat heb je trouwens mooie foto's van je garen in je vorige posts, yummie

  9. We´re gonna be class mates, teehee!! Geen propjes gooien hè! ;-)
    Groetjes, Esther.

  10. Wat heerlijk om te lezen1 Ik ben benieuwd, want je Blog is al zo leuk!

  11. The pics really look great and very inspiring! Great shop! Cool, I signed up for the course, too! I'm actually even a bit nervous about it, because I imagine everyone to be much cooler than me ... But I think it will be really fun! :-)

  12. Hi Maaika, what a lovely blog you have - I spotted you over on Bluebird Notes - hope you had a wonderful time meeting Koralee!

    I LOVE anthropologie - it is a dangerous shop for me lol! So probably a good thing that we only have one in London so I can only visit occassionally ... i LOVE to shop :-)

    Happy weekend to you x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~