Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WIP times 3

the weather has been so good here in Ontario

I totally forgot to go inside and share my world with you lovelies

so here is a little WIP show of what is going on here

I started knitting a scarf of the silk yarn I found in Vancouver

following the design on the right ~ large colored blocks with a little cream white in between

while enjoying my coffee or tea and the pretty Anthropologie mug

after repainting two thriftstore tables, which I will show later on

I decided to add some floral happiness to the drawers

which was so much fun to work on!

and the drawers are happy and pretty now in the fresh painted sewing table...

...on which I do my homework for the quilting class!

I absolutely love the floral fabric in the second picture

the rest of the quilt fabrics I picked to match it

and I never could have imagined quilting would be that much fun to do, really I love it

again more about that later

~ wishing you a happy new week! ~

 l o v e


  1. Maaike, you really sound like you are settling in to your new life in Canada, I love what you have done to the drawers what a clever idea, and now starting a patchwork class have lots of fun and I look forward to seeing new projects but now in patchwork!!

  2. lovely mug, i bet your tea tastes better in it;)..your thrift desk looks lovely, cant wait to see your finished quilt

  3. Mooie foto's. Ik zie dat je ook al aardig bezig bent met je quilting class! Leuk!

  4. Leuk gedaan die laadjes!!!! Super.
    En het quilten gaat goed zo te zien!

    Groetjes uit het natte Nederland,

  5. this looks os fantastic! I am so glad you are settling well and creating such lovely things ^_^ I can't wait to see the finished products

  6. Did you receive my last comment? An error appeared and I'm afraid it got lost!

  7. Hey, look at you go! That log cabin quilt is looking fabulous - I love those colours you've chosen. Can't wait to see it all!

  8. Crea bea Maaike!!
    En lijkt mij een goed teken dat je een en ander vergeet door het mooie weer. Goed excuus!
    Liefs Renske

  9. Hi Maaike!I just adore those drawers, so cute.Ive never thought of doing something like that.They look soo nice.

    Thanks for sharing my friend,have a lovely rest of your week.

  10. Such a sweet little sewing table my friend...you have been busy. I can just picture you in your sweet little sewing room. Hugs to you..and your scarf will be amazing. xoxox

  11. Those drawers look great! I have that same floral fabric, but haven't cut into it yet. Can't wait to see your quilt! P.S. I was born in Ontario (have family in Toronto) but now live in California. Glad you are enjoying your new Canadian home!!

  12. Oh my! Everything looks so beautiful and cheery in your corner of the world. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  13. ohh, your sewing table looks simply amazing.
    and i love how you're drawing out a color scheme for your scarf, i never have the patience to do that!

  14. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and I love to see your working process, beautiful pictures and I think your mug is awesome!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~