Saturday, October 15, 2011

My First Quilt

thank you for your sweet comments on the previous post

they are all great projects to work with

this weekend we were invited to go to a cottage near lake Joseph, one of the Muskoka Lakes

two hours North of Toronto

 the cottage and it's surroundings are both so pretty

we consider ourselves very lucky to be here

I have to work on my first quilt this weekend

so I took it with me

and it seems to perfectly blend in to the color scheme of the cottage

I am taking the quilt class at the Oakville Sewing Centre

the store is packed with beautiful and inspiring fabrics

the course is taught by Linda, she is an amazing and very professional lady

and wow, she did a lot of pretty quilting and is so experienced, we learn a whole lot from her!


we started off with a sampler quilt

12 blocks with all different kinds of techniques

I enlarged it a bit though, to practice more and to make a quilt that fits our couch

the top is now ready to be sewn together

and I signed up for the follow up course to make the batting, the back and the edging around it

I am looking forward to a weekend full of quilting and pretty sights here around the cottage!

and after that... I will fly to New York City for a few days of fun with one of my Dutch friends

yes, Excitement All Over Here!

~ enjoy your weekend ~


  1. Hi Maaike!Gorgeous colors,the leaves the chairs and the quilt....fall is such a special time so pretty and calming.

    Have a lovely time with friends in New York,I love it there lol.Blessings!

  2. I love your quilt, love the heart on it. I want to make my first quilt. That place is wonderful too. I love the red leaves.

  3. Maaike the quilt is stunning, i'm so impressed, you are such a talented lady :D
    Karen x

  4. That's a great job on your first quilt!

    Have a great time in New York!

    Leah x

  5. I love those red colors in the trees and bushes. Beautiful!
    Your quilt looks great. And, as you say, it seems to be part of that cottage.

  6. Wat een super mooie foto's en wat een mooi huis, wow! Die boom met de rode bladeren vind ik zo mooi! Een hele fijne tijd daar! Fijn weekend nog verder! Liefs!

  7. Wat een prachtig quilt wordt het Maaike! Je hebt erg mooie kleuren gekozen.

    Een fijn weekend,

    Madelief x

  8. Oh baby baby! You are not shy or scared or humble. Look at that piece! That is freakin' fantastic! Nobody would guess you've never done this before. That is so professional. That is actually a great idea. Maybe I should make a quilt with different blocks to learn different techniques too... hmmmm. Just to get out of my comfort zone. Although simplicity is my middle name. Love everything simple, maybe because I am to lazy for making wonders like your! :D Can't wait to see you cuddle up in it. Yes, that is right. I want a picture of you with that quilt when it is done. Have a wonderful WONDERFUL Sunday. Now it is time for waffle making. Yum!

  9. It's looking fantastic Maaike! Can't wait to see it finished!

  10. Hello Maaike!
    Oh my, your quilt is so pretty....and your photographs are beautiful...hope you have a great time lucky lady!
    Susan x

  11. wow beautiful!!! I'm loving all the fall colours :)

  12. Wow Maaike....your posts are always such a visual treat! The quilt is have so many rock!!!!!!!!!


  13. Hi Maaike, looks like a wonderful place to chill out and do a little quilting in. Your quilt looks amazing, especially as it's your first. I have been catching up on your posts, you have been a very busy girl. Good luck with the e-course! I love the way you decorated the insides of your drawers. Have a wonderful week, love Linda x

  14. love your fabulous quilt, maaike. it looks like you had the perfect place to finish it this weekend. gorgeous!

    enjoy your trip to new york with your dutch pal.


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  16. Wat een prachtige quilt!
    Wat leuk om mensen met dezelfde passie te volgen!
    Groetje Patricia

  17. En ik dacht dat je alleen voor vakantie in Canada zat!!! Ben ook veel te weinig present in blogland de laaste tijd maar heb gewoon veel te weinig tijd.
    Jemig wat moet het mooi zijn daar. Prachtige foto's ik geniet.
    Liefs Michaja


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~