Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cameo Beauty

I felt the urge to share a quick but fun project with you that I did today


yesterday I bought these two cameo plaster ornaments at a thrift store

they both were once black with some golden details, I can tell because they are chipped here and there

but when I bought them, they were painted white and decorated with some decoupage flowers

~ something fun to do for you: type 'chipped paint' in google pictures... so pretty! ~

I took the flower paper off ~ I did not really hate it, but was just in the mood for painting

so I got the acrylic paint out and gave both ladies a blue background

the heads became shiny with some pearl gloss ~ although it looks a bit silvery in the pictures

and I took the ladies outside to take some pictures of them

because I thought they would feel comfortable there underneath the pine tree

and to proof that it is still Winter in Canada, although a mild one this year

the ladies and I went back in quickly because is was actually -8C outside

and there I found out the yarn I am using for this crochet project actually matches these new pretties...

do you see any project ideas for this new combination? I would love to know!


I really enjoyed painting these ornaments and am quite satisfied with the result

~ wishing you a wonderful weekend with a pearl gloss ~


  1. Erg leuk! Mooie kleuren garen ook.... Altijd fijn nieuwe projectjes. Fijn weekend, in de sneeuw. Liefs, Claire

  2. The Ladies look great! Creative idea! I always have a problem picking out what I like to do with my yarn stash too.

  3. Hai Maaike,

    wat denk je van een paneel, hier eeen rechthoekige spiegel op plakken.
    Hier de twee ovalen op bevestigen met montage kit en een lijst haken van het prachtige garen.
    Zo geeft de spiegel het omgekeerde effect en knallen de twee mooie ovalen gipsen er prachtig uit... De lijst maakt het geheel helemaal hip en je kunt er misschien een rij pompoenen aan de onderkant aan hangen van dezelfde kleuren...

    Ben nieuwschierig wat het gaat worden.

    Fijn weekeinde van Jayne
    de Zinkenviool

  4. De dames zijn prachtig geworden Maaike!

    Fijne zondag!

    Madelief x

  5. Goodmorning Maaike,lovely blue you have choosen.I cant wait to see the yarn project,nice combination.I hope you have a lovely sunday my friend.



~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~