Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage Finds and a Birthday

the first half of January flew by

let me give you an impression...

I have a weak spot for old kitchen chairs

so you can imagine how happy I was when I found this beauty for a bargain

my collection of old English china is growing steady

and I found a lot of second hand wool sweaters, which I felted and hope to transform into bags and cushions

vintage embroidery, wooden spools, lace... I hope to use them all to spice up the cushions and bags

~ as you can see, I lost myself when taking pictures and that happened again when I made the collages ~

I cannot get enough of the pretty textures, colors and patterns

these were all patiently waiting for their picture moment, but never made it to the photo set up

however, I love how the spools and vintage handkerchiefs show their beauty in just lying there

we also celebrated the husband's birthday last weekend

and were happy to have a wonderful and delicious time with our new Canadian friends and more friends!

the macaroons are as delicious as they look, from Nadège in Toronto, thank you so much Ana

and the Swedish princess cake we made ourselves, it was our first attempt and we were pretty proud of it

I am typing this in the front room of our house

where I love the January light, our new icicles and the wonderful hyacinth! more thing: I am lucky to go and visit Chicago by the end of the month, yay!
all your ideas on where to go for coffee, cupcakes, yarn or vintage goodies, your favorite stops... 
I would love to know!

~ sending you love ~


  1. Oh how I love all of those lovely images.The swedish princess cake looks just mouth watering.Maybe you can post the recipe some time.My girls both have a June birthday that would be lovely to make for them.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend.Blessings!

  2. I LOVE the Swedish princess cake. And yours look delicious, yummy!
    Looking forward to see your new cushions and bags.

  3. Wat een heerlijke foto's weer. Altijd weer een feest om naar ze te kijken. En die Zweedse prinsessentaart is heerlijk he?
    Je boft maar hoor ... Chicago! Ik hoop dat je ons weer blij gaat maken met een geweldige reportage.

    Fijn weekend!

  4. What wonderful, inspiring photographs. Princess cake is my favourite. Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. so lovely to spend J's birthday with you all and eat that delicious princess cake! my first time ever eating princess cake was so so good. we had a really nice time and so glad the boys all had a chance to meet too. ugh and I really REALLY need to get my act together and come thrifting with you girls, I need to make time asap because I could use a little bit of loveliness.

  6. What a lovely set of photos, I'm so into lase and cotton reels at the moment, and I would love the chairs.

  7. wow wat een prachtige foto's weer :)! Ik geniet er steeds weer van, je foto's hebben zo'n heerlijke sfeer :)! Fijn weekend!

  8. Oh my dear such pretty images today...I too love your chairs...what your email...will respond has been so very busy...all is very very well. The response I got from the first 2 chapters is amazing...I am on the right track. xoxoxoox Hugs to you.

  9. Love the photos of all the cotton reels, and the cake looks so delicious! Happy Birthday to your husband and have fun in Chicago.

  10. Wat een mooie en sfeervolle foto's maak je toch! Je bent talentvol op meerdere terreinen! Oh, ja, Prinsessentaart, zo lekker...:)


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~