Thursday, March 22, 2012

Facebook and a New Design

what started with a regular change of the creJJtion header

and the launch of creJJtion on facebook

turned into a complete Spring clean up

I am sorry I haven't announced it ~ but I did'nt see it coming

however the new lay out makes me happy

let me give you a quick tour through the changes

basically all information that was in the side bar, moved to the bottom of the page

except for the list of your dear and pretty blogs, they upgraded to their own page friends and favorites

in alphabetical order and organized in three categories


the buttons in the sidebar are new

I thought it was about time I permanently gave you the possibility to link with creJJtion

on Instagram, my new addiction on the iPhone

on Pinterest, I have been around there for a while

and on Facebook, new since today, where I will post Instagram pictures and creJJtion behind the scenes



let me know what you think !


  1. ❤ love what your have been doing with your new look on your blog..great banner.
    Looks like you are having such fun being so creative! Look forward to your pins on Pintereat! Happy crafting!

  2. HOw fresh! Always nice with a big spring clean. Have to check out your Facebook thingy too... I am planning on doing that too but so far I am intimidated by actually "doing" it. Me = weird... I wish my house looked like your blog... Well organized, light and crisp with beautiful eye catching "stilleben"... I am not sure what you call that in English. Groups of decorations??? But with kids and messy husband this will stay a day dream of mine... Reality is something I wouldn't show on a blog like this for sure... Ha h ha ha! Always a pleasure to visit you and I am over the moon flattered to be on your friends list. :D Me of all people you know. YAY! Love this. PS Will get back to you about this ETSY thingy, got some stuff to share... :D ♥♥♥ Annette

  3. Very nice and you just gained another like on Facebook!!

  4. Springcleaning heeft een mooi resultaat opgeleverd!

  5. Hey Maaik,

    Mooi hoor! Ik vroeg me al af wanneer je weer een nieuwe entry zou schrijven! Ziet er allemaal mooi fris lente uit!


  6. Beautiful as always! Fresh and clean and ready for springtime. x

  7. Foei Foei Foei, wat was ik al lang niet meer bij je 'op bezoek' geweest. Weer prachtige dingen gemaakt zie ik. En elke keer zulke mooie foto's!! die kleuren, ik geniet er echt van.
    Je blog ziet er heel mooi en fris uit :) Helemaal lente!

  8. I love it, it feels like springtime!

  9. Ik ben gek op het design! Wit is altijd een goede keuze, en de kleur details zijn prachtig! Je maakt ook ontzettend mooie foto's! Altijd leuk om hier te komen kijken!

  10. Well I have nipped over to your Facebook and all looks lovely as usual, I really like your new look, very pretty and fresh.

  11. Beautiful photography Maaike <3
    So happy to find you via Instagram!

  12. Love the new look and the sidebar links are too cute!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~