Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mood Board ~ 1

this Monday

after a warm and sunny weekend

totally in Spring mood

inspired by a picture from the Dutch magazine Seasons my mom sent me

I love the natural colors 

light green tones

whites ~ pure white next to off white and a creamy white

a little hint of soft peachy pink, as well as a little deep dark purple to add some contrast to the palette

I enjoyed painting the little bouquet of roses

and can see a perfect colored set of yarn for a Spring baby blanket

wishing you a perfect new week


I  hope to start an inspirational Monday Moord Board series as of today


  1. That looks beautiful, and absolutely inspiring. The tones take me a field of spring flowers and newly grown grass, buds just coming out of the trees - perfect.

  2. Heerlijke plaatjes weer en wat goed zeg, die geschilderde roosjes. Je bent ook van alle markten thuis hè :-) Ik verheug me op je volgende mood boards.

    Groetjes, Jolanda

  3. Fabulous inspiration! Lovely colours :-)

  4. As always truly inspirational, you have such great talent.

  5. Wonderful photo collage. I will be waiting to see your next blanket. You have inspired me and my knitting group to make some as well...
    Ana BC

  6. De kleuren van het garen zijn mooi zo samen, zeg!

  7. Love it Maaike! Great Idea! I am taking a watercolour class this weekend with a local artist - love your paintings!

  8. Love it all! Truly inspirational!!!! Love the colors and your rose painting! happy spring day to your!

  9. Can't wait to see that baby blanket... Gorgeous colors!

  10. Ooo how lovely a real feast for the eyes!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~