Monday, March 12, 2012


well there it is

our new piece of furniture

a Piano

given to us by a dear Canadian friend

who has not played the instrument for years

and was looking for a good home for it

given the fact that I played since I was seven years old, you can imagine my excitement

so there it is in our home

filling an empty spot near the window

matching the style of the house and lamp

patiently waiting for it's first tuning session in years

and I am impatiently waiting to play it after that

in the meantime

we had a fabulous Spring weekend with lots of sun and warm temperatures

perfect weather for a birthday party of Ana's cute son who turned one year old

and perfect too for a new blanket project

after Miami Beach it is time for Miami City to join the collection

in full preperation for the creJJtion webshop

a lot of crochet and pattern writing, hopefully soon to be revealed !

~ wishing you a shiny new Spring week ~


  1. I can't wait to "hear" some tunes from your blog! Very nice addition to your home.

  2. Beautiful piano. Wehave one too. Our neighbors went to SOuth Africa for a yeara nd left tehir piano with us. I don't really play, my Nelly Bo does. By ear. She plays Super Mario, Adeles' Someone like you and some traditional child songs. She just started to take lessons but doesn't seem to excited about it. To impatient I think. She wants to rock it in an instant instead of doing Do-Re-Mi...

    Another beautiful blanket in progress.... Love your color choice. Have to write you soon. A longer letter. Have been a single mom for a while but things are changing back to normal soon and I will get more time for fun stuff like that. Right now it is all about getting through the day... Talk soon. :D

  3. Ja, ik vind dat elk huis een piano moet hebben :)) En ik ben helemaal jaloers dat jullie al zo'n heerlijk weer hebben. Maar ik wacht geduldig, want ik weet zeker dat wij het hier ook krijgen. Alleen de vraag wanneer, hahahaha. knufz...peebee

  4. Not just a piano but a beautiful piece of furniture. I expect you can't wait to play it. Your crochet as ever is lovely. Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine.

  5. Lovely piano. We have a piano too - my daughters are learning to play :-) Looks like your new blanket is going to be beautiful :-)
    Carole x

  6. Love the new colours for your next make! I'm just starting a new knitting project too with some scrummy colours, pop over to if you fancy a peek!

    Happy Crocheting
    Fleur xx

  7. that piano is beautiful Maaike. Do you play??
    thank you so much for coming on Sunday we loved seeing you both!

  8. Can't wait to see your shop. Love the colours of your work in progress!

  9. Ooh, a gorgeous new crochet, what could it be? Have fun with the piano - what luck and what lovely friends for sharing!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~