Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspiration to Share

wow I am overwhelmed 

by the lovely ideas, links and suggestions you have been giving for the burlap crafts !

next week's craft group will be a lot fun, that's for sure


today I would like to share

some inspiration I recently found

you know I love stationary

beautiful cards, cute notebooks, I cannot get enough of them

a new favorite is Anastasia Marie Cards and her absolutely beautiful blog that you have to check out

I look forward to her color palette every week, this golden sunshine one for example...


today was a big day for her, as she launched her website and blog in a new design

congratulations Anastasia, I truly love the design !

another one is a modern looking online shop from the UK Present&Correct

the way they present their material is just phenomenal to me

their WRITE section for example but also the GIFT section and crown card

are eye candy to me, and make me smile at the same time

perfect combination and very inspirational

and last but not least

I'd like to share the beautiful version of the coasters and their basket by Ester

on her blog Pierelantijntjes she shows the pictures of the set she made, using my pattern

I love the colors she picked

thank you again for sharing your beautiful set Ester !


  1. ok I'm obsessed with that photograph of those lovely cups. You know I love china!

  2. I love all the patterns and colors you have going on your blog right now. What pretty spring inspiration, love.

  3. Thank you for the love, dear! I'm honored!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~