Friday, April 27, 2012

New Old Sewing Machine

basically every project I am working on, I share with you here on my blog

and that tells you I have not been sewing in a loooong time

months have gone by without

but, I have a feeling that is going to change soon...


on a lucky thrift adventure with my friend

I found this beauty of a vintage sewing machine

super heavy, all steel

and isn't this just the perfect color and style

could you imagine my excitement when I saw it, haha

I must admit I have had it for a few weeks now

and still found no time to use it

but I will soon !

how great would it be to sew vintage sheets into beautiful cushion covers on this machine...

I know it still works, I tried that before I bought it

but other than that I have no idea what to expect

may be this weekend I will do some research on the web

and find some tips and tricks for this particular one

let the fun begin !


wishing you a lovely weekend too



  1. Wat is 'ie mooi!!!! Een kleur om in te bijten... of aan te likken :-) want op de één of andere manier doet het me aan een ijsje denken!

  2. Stofjes genoeg , zo te zien! Naai ze ;-)
    En de kleur vind ik echt om vrolijk van te worden...

    1. Heb je ondertussen via FB 'leuk' bevonden (lekkerbekkenmaar)

  3. what a perfect color, you lucky girl. this sewing machine is just a dream. i hope you will sew something on the weekend :)
    hugs, svenja

  4. Moiselle, I am drooling over your NEW Imperial!!! You've come upon a Dream Machine! looks like it has never even been used before! I'm trying not to be jealous, but just happy for you~! I know you are going to really enjoy that BABY~ ♥♥♥

  5. could that vintage machine be any more perfect for you, dear maaike. can't wait to see the magic you create!


  6. It's in my favorite colors! Beautiful find.

  7. Absolutely f-ing gorgeous it is! (Sorry for my bad choice of language that so was needed to express my joy over this item...:D)

  8. Hi, looks a real smasher...yr sewing bright and ready to go! I've been hunting myself for a second hand one too but being a beginner where sewing machines are concerned I'm a bit scared about buying because I don't know really know what is best for a beginner. tch!

    keep well


  9. gorgeous sewing machine!!!!
    enjoy your sewing weekend!! i'll crochet a lot, instead!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  10. Wat een prachtige naaimachine en mooie stofjes, zalig

  11. Amazing sewing machine! I am curious how it works.. Enjoy! Uta

  12. Oooh, bij het zien van deze naaimachine, krijg je direct zin om te beginnen! Kon ik maar naaien... Ooit ga ik het leren!!! ;-)

    Fijn Weekend!

  13. What a fabulous find! I think you will LOVE sewing with it! Have fun!

  14. Wauw, wat is die geweldig mooi :)! Wat een super aankoop! En wat een leuke stofjes allemaal, ben benieuwd wat voor mooie creaties je met deze naaimachine gaat maken! Veel plezier ermee!

  15. Oh my what a lovely sewing machine! It's my fav colour, happy crafting with that beauty :)
    have a happy weekend

  16. eerlijk is eerlijk : "ik ben zo jaloers op je" :-) veel naaiplezier!!

  17. How wonderful to find such a find! I hope you have oodles of years to sew your products with it! Love the fabrics and I can't wait to see what you stich up next!
    hugs, gerri

  18. Mooi!!! Ik hoop dat 'ie het nog goed doet, maar het is in ieder geval een pláátje om naar te kijken.

  19. She is just beautiful!!! How wonderful to find.

  20. Oh my goodness, what a find!!! She's lovely. Wishing you both many happy seams. :)

  21. Wow wat een ontzettend gave naaimachine, echt TE gek :-) Je krijgt toch gelijk zin om erachter te zitten, geweldig. Helemaal een leuk kleurtje. Even ontstoffen, olieën en gaan.

    Fijn weekend, liefs

  22. Oh my. That is a beautiful thing, it's bound to be the most beautiful stitcher and will just love your scrummy fabrics! Have fun. ♥

  23. Ooh, she is lovely Maaike!..there is one of a similar colour in a Cath Kidston book that I have and I really love the colour...
    Hope you have lots of fun creating with your new friend,
    Susan x

  24. Wat een prachtige vondst Maaike. Alleen de kleur al! Ik ben heel benieuwd wat je voor moois op de machine gaat maken. Ik geniet nog steeds van het mooie make-up tasje dat ik van jou heb gekregen!

    Veel naaiplezier!

    Madelief x

  25. WOW - What a find - I LOVE the colour - hope it works just as lovely as it looks - if not - Who Cares? - it's just too cute.

  26. Lucky, lucky you! She's gorgeous--I love the turqouise! What a great find :)

  27. What a great find, now your talking my language vintage sheets into cushions!!!

  28. Eureka! This is a fabulous find, I LOVE it. The first machine my Mom had was a Domestic, also all steel. I remember her getting to close and the tread up-take hit her in the forehead. I swear I saw a dent there. TFS and bringing back a "Mom" memory.

    Juanita in OH


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