Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Organizing

it must be Spring

that gets me in an organizing mood

one of the things I love to organize is my yarn ~ matching colors, dreaming of projects ...

when the crafty ladies were at my home for our craft group recently, they loved my little project- baskets

so it's about time I share them with you

all found in thrift stores, in the plastics department

in the most amazing colors, but I choose a fresh mint for this collection

you can imagine my excitement when I found this nylon 'yarn' trio in it's original packaging in a thrift store


when I posted a preview of this yarn on Instagram and Facebook earlier this week

I was planning on making a rug

but as I said, it must be Spring that gets me in this organizing mood

so I am finding myself making a crochet yarn basket instead

with hook size 10 mm it goes so fast

especially when you compare this to my regular crochet work ~ the baby blankets on hook size 3 mm

haha, I have a feeling, I very soon will have no nylon yarn left

but a basket or three, for projects on the go, instead !

I am having great fun with these fresh colors ~ they even happen to match my project bag


have you got any experience with yarn this size ? 

t-shirt yarn or Zpagetti for example ?  How did you like it ?


  1. I have never used yarn that size before. The basket you are making with it looks really neat. I love the colors. Now I feel the need to find me some of this yarn and make my own basket. :-)

  2. I love your basket, have pinned your picture. Lovely colors. New follower.

  3. Une belle ambiance de couleur,j'aime


  4. Wat een prachtige kleuren! Daar word je wel vrolijk van :-)
    Ziet er weer mooi uit Maaike!
    Liefs Renske

  5. It's to early for my to read al the Engels :) But i enjoyed the pictures soo much!

  6. Het resultaat is geweldig!! Wat een heerlijke kleuren.

  7. Hey Maaik,

    Ik heb toevallig eergisteren Zspagetti via besteld om twee kleine badmatten te haken! Heb het nog niet binnen, maar kan niet wachten om er mee te beginnen. Ik laat je weten hoe dat gaat!

    xx Roos

  8. Wat zijn je foto's weer mooi gelukt! Prachtig die kleuren bij elkaar en mooi gestyled!

  9. I love the colors. I am cutting up old t-shirts to make a rug but i am very slow in it. To work with yarn that size is nice but i can not work to long at it at a time.

  10. great finds and that basket is so sweet!

  11. Love your basket and I'm drooling over your blue yarn stash! Never used nylon yarn or a hook that big but it looks wonderful!

  12. Leuk om te lezen dat jij ook foto's met Instagram maakt en plaatst Maaike. Mijn oudste dochter van 22 is daar ook mee bezig! Je post is weer prachtig van kleur. Echt genieten!

    Fijne dag & liefs,

    Madelief x

  13. I love these colours, they are my favourites: all blues and greens. The basket is looking beautiful!

  14. i dont have experience with yarn this size.. sorry :(
    BUT i absolutely love the colors, its perfect!! and i also like the basket.
    your blog is really cool, i am glad that i just found it via manon 21 :)
    hugs, svenja


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~