Thursday, May 3, 2012

Burlap Crafts

in the craft group this week

we worked with burlap

instead of sitting around the table, we worked in the garage, on the ground, with scissors, paint and tape

and we had a wonderful time doing that

again thank you so much for all your ideas, they were very helpful and inspirational !

in no time the ladies came up with the most beautiful things

taking out a few threads in a row leaves a nice gap structure

cutting off the corners of the burlap bag, using them inside out results in great little baskets

and acrylic paint on burlap turns out to be working great

don't the table runner for the outside table in the garden, and the little May baskets look fabulous ?

as for myself, I tried stamping with a round sponge, but that did not turn out quite as good I had hoped

I guess the stamping surface should be more flat, since the burlap itself is already uneven

directly painting onto the burlap however, turns out perfectly

and together with some regular painter's tape, you can create the most fantastic patterns

this was a great first meeting with burlap, at least for me it was a first

and it leaves me with a nice chevron pattern, that I have to find a purpose for now


to thank you for all the great ideas that inspired us this week

I would love to send out a burlap bag to you

to be specific, I would love to send out a bag to Tereza

she enthusiastically wrote about her project of burlap and screen printing it, 

which got us to the idea of painting the bags

and just because I feel like it, I am going to send out two more !

I would also love to send out a bag to

 Janina because she made the effort to write down a cute idea she came up with herself

and Barbara because she gave us ideas in her comment, and sent pictures afterwards to illustrate the ideas

thank you all ladies!

please send me an e-mail with your address and the bag of your preference, so I can send them out to you

something else that's going on here this week, has to do with a beautiful scarf...

more about that very soon !


  1. Wat leuk om te lezen wat jullie ermee hebben gedaan, ziet er mooi uit allemaal! En nog leuker dat ik een 'burlap' krijg, ben vereerd! Ga je nu mijn adres mailen. Fijne dag en ik kom hier snel weer eens terug :)

  2. Amazing burlap ideas!!!!
    Congratulations to Janina,Tereza and Barbara!!!
    I'm very curious now....the scarf....the stripes...the colours!!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. They look great...nice job....

  4. That turned out so well. I think you should use the chevron for the seat cover on an old metal stool you come across on your antique shopping days :)

  5. Dat ziet er leuk uit, ik kan me voorstellen dat je hebt genoten van het doen!

  6. How lovely your burlap painting is! So many possibilities. Hmm that scarf looks great and I just adore the bobble!

  7. Zoooo mooi!!!!
    Weet je toevallig of die prachtige zakken nog ergens te verkrijgen zijn?!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~