Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chair Project

the scarf I posted yesterday

was lying on an old chair in a few of the pictures

a chair we already sanded at that time, ready to be painted

last weekend was very sunny and we were ready to work on our six wooden kitchen chairs

out came the sand paper, out came the paint

and on we went, the husband and me ~ so much fun !

six chairs we collected in the nine months we have been living in Canada

quite a catch if I may say so myself

they are all 'old' or vintage or may be even close to antique

and I like them in their own style, with their own stories : who has been using them ? in what kitchen ?


this is actually a teasing post, because none of the chairs is finished yet

they will all get a minimum of 3 layers of paint so we will be busy with them for a while

and you have to wait a little longer before I post a real 'tadaaa'

but... I am, and we are, very satisfied with the results so far

as you can see the sun was so bright, I was not even able to paint outside, it had to happen in the garage

in the shade and out of the wind

but what a lovely and perfect weekend to do so


more about the colors I choose and more pictures soon...

are you into re-doing furniture at all ?


  1. They look amazing. I seriously can't wait to see which colors you have chosen. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Special K XoXo

  2. they look good - i like it! i also re-do furniture sometimes.. i paint them... i think its fun to do it!
    hugs, svenja

  3. So darling...I love your pieces. I just adore old chippy chairs. Hope you are well my friend....xoxoxo

  4. They are so pretty!
    We actually have the same project. We sold all our chairs before moving. But so far we have only found one chair. Luckily the man who lived in this house before us left some stools so we don't have to sit on the floor. That is until we find more old chairs.

  5. Those chairs are just divine! I have an old chair that used to be in my Nan's kitchen, it has saw marks in the seat from where she used to cut firewood on it! I love it. We love doing up old furniture too such a satisfying thing to do. Enjoy your painting. ♥

  6. oh i love the final product, although I loved the rustic chairs too :D

  7. I love that the chairs are all different. Would be fun to have a set all in different colors, too. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  8. Wat een mooie collectie stoelen hebben jullie opgebouwd Maaike! Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe ze eruit komen te zien als ze straks klaar zijn.

    Veel succes met schilderen!

    Groetjes van Madelief x

  9. What a great find such pretty chairs, I even like the one where it is been left with the flaking paint!! will you leave it or paint it, I am sure they will look great when you have finished.

  10. Las sillas son hermosas. Veo que son de buena madera. Es un trabajo para realizar con paciencia. Disfrútalo.
    El resultado seguro será muy bueno.

  11. Prachtig project.
    Inmiddels ben ik zo gewend geraakt aan een regelmatig bericht hier dat ik mij na een week toch wel begin af te vragen of alles goed gaat. Hope you don't mind me asking? Misschien gewoon even on a break of to busy for blogging?


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~