Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finished Scarf

remember this scarf that I started for a dear client ?

well, I finished it last week and it is already shipped

but I had great fun making the scarf and taking pictures of it

so here is to share : the scarf

inspired by this scarf I custom made a design in different colors and different yarn

this yarn is Catania 100% cotton, the same yarn I use to make the baby blankets

when knitted it is very soft and gentle around your neck

the colored stripes in between the large blue and grey blocks, are choosen by my client to match her coat

excellent choice if you ask me


after I finished the knitted rows I added crochet borders to give the edge a more firm look

and then I was looking for the finishing touch

a scallop edging like I did here did not seem to do the trick this time

and then I got it : mini crochet pompoms !

after I finished those I decided I had to make at least one more scarf with pompoms, for myself haha

don't they look like cute mini lights that lighten up your outfit ?


yesterday I told you about the cousins that are about to be born 

and will be lying under creJJtion blankets soon

well, the boy blanket will be striped in the same beautiful colors as this scarf

I am so honored my sweet friend would love to have her boy sleeping under one of my blankets !


back to the scarf

I love this scarf, truly and honestly

with jeans, on a bright white t-shirt, or fashionably with your red skinny jeans... suitable for every occasion

what do you think ? would you like to see the pattern in my shop ?


  1. What a lovely scarf! I saw a pin on Pinterest of your blanket and it brought me here.

  2. love the scarf, maaike. i do believe i need one just like it! it's absolutely darling.


  3. Love the scarf!!! I would like to find the pattern in your shop!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  4. I'd love that scarf round my neck, gorgeous and the pompoms are perfect!

  5. Yes, please! A pattern on etsy would be just the thing!
    that scarf is a great match for the jacket! Love the look pf the poms on the ends :)
    Hugs, Gerri

  6. What fun! And the pom-poms would be great baby distractions when out and about. Well done!

  7. Oh how beautiful Maaike! I truly adore it.......love everything about it. You make the most lush pieces! I am drooling my friend!!!!!!!

    Have the most beautiful day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Your scarf is very very much an eyecatcher. Your use of colors is - as usually - stunning!

  9. love the colors you used...and the pom pom's...

  10. Gorgeous and fun! Love it!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~