Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halifax - The Loop

are you ready for a bit of travel with me today?

great, let's go to Halifax, Nova Scotia

a lovely town at sea, actually the other side of the Atlantic ocean from The Netherlands

I think it's lovely to see such a massive amount of water, 

and know that behind that water, there is land you know very well

such a comforting feeling, I find it hard to explain it in words


in Halifax we took a break from camping because of the rain

we stayed in a hotel in Dartmouth, just a little ferry crossing away from downtown Halifax

we spent one lovely morning just drinking coffee, chilling, chatting, enjoying the atmosphere,

watching the latest car news on the iPad (him) and crocheting (me) at the perfect place Two if By Sea

my first go at these flower squares, more about that later in a different post

and we did get a little sunshine indeed, upon our arrival in Halifax


besides that, I discovered The Loop Craft Café

decorated with loops here and there

nice and bright, with a lovely high ceiling and a welcoming craft table where courses are given as well

and, I am pretty sure you didn't know this too, this is where the longest scarf in the world lives

what?! I hear you thinking, at least that's what I thought when I saw it

yup, you read that well, the longest scarf in the world - made by Rosa DeMattia at the age of 78

150 yards, almost 140 meters long, width 9 1/2 inches, about 23 cm, and it weighs 30 pounds, 13.5 kilo's

and this scarf made it to the 1988 Guinness Book of World Records and into Sesame Street as well

now that is an impressive masterpiece, isn't it?


now, besides that super long scarf, this really is a lovely store

I got to meet darling Mimi who co-owns the shop with three other ladies

she had crocheted a scarf I couldn't resist making myself too, so I got the yarn from her shop

pictures and the pattern can be found here on Ravelry, and this is the link to Mimi's account

I haven't started crocheting the scarf yet, but you will find out here on the blog when I do, smile

last but not least, the Public Gardens in Halifax were lovely too

and we enjoyed watching the dahlia set up in this cute cafe

so if you ever find yourself in beautiful Halifax, make sure to visit The Loop Craft Café 

and in the mean time, connect with them on Facebook


by the way I am typing this with two warm hands, due to the finished wrist cozy's

pattern to be found in my shop tomorrow....!


  1. The Loop Craft Cafe looks amazing! There is nothing like that were I live (Las Vegas) I checked out the scarf on Ravelry and random, but my mom just got done crocheting a scarf that looks like that. Its very cute :)Thanks for sharing your travels!

    1. thank you Amanda! Luckily there are lots of online shops for you :) xx

  2. I will pass on this info to my good buddy that visits Halifax often! Thanks for sharing❤

    1. yes Dagmar, that's great! I am curious to see what he'll bring you :) xo


  4. lovely to hear about your travels and discoveries! The scarf looks nice, I might have a go, thank you for pointing us in the direction of pattern. I will have to find some nice soft yarn. Look forward to hearing more about your creations! Heather x

    1. it looks great, doesn't it? And it feels so soft. If you click the link of Mimi who made the scarf, you can read in her description what yarn she exactly used. I got that same yarn but in a different color, it is soooo soft!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~