Thursday, October 25, 2012

Recently @ Pinterest

our favorite cupcake place redecorated their store, and look at the mixer lamps they made! 
on the right the perfect print for me, designed by Cathy Thorne Everyday People ~ I smile every time I see it. 

thank you to those who commented on my post yesterday about blogging and blogger. one of the issues that came up in the comments is the annoying word verification. the reason I installed it, were the 4 daily spam comments that I got since a few months. however, even with the verification I still get at least 2 anonymous spam comments a day. for your convenience I took the verification off again, and now the comment section will open in a new window. I hope this helps me to get rid of the spam and receive more lovely thoughts from you!

image sources 1. byfryd 2. flickr 3. creaturecomfortsblog 4. boxwoodclippings 5. pin

but. Pinterest. I got inspired to be active on Pinterest again. For example, I am preparing a gift wrapping presentation in November for the Newcomers' Club that I am joining here in Canada. Yes, quite Christmas oriented already! Pinterest is a great place to get your creative mind going. I can absolutely loose track of time while I am clicking and linking to blogs, pages and photo streams.

I love how natural elements like pine branches, leafs and lavender spark up gifts, as well as re-used materials like in image 3 and 4. the link in image 3 is actually also a how-to for the gingerbread cookie detail.
simple and consistent = effective. for more pictures, this is the link to my gift wrapping pin board. also, I would love to see your ideas! you can add a link to your pin board in a comment.

news I found on Pinterest:
lovely Heather Spriggs from Gatherings Magazines made a Gatherings Board, so you now have the opportunity to get an idea of all magazines and their eye candy content in one view
while clicking, I came across Jordan's boards, all very color organized and pretty, and got in touch with her. what a coincidence she recently moved to Canada too! check out her lovely blog too

wishing you a happy day


  1. Thanks for the pinterest link - I always wanted to join and never got round. As I had time today I tried it out and really like can easily get lost with all the wonderful ideas and pictures! Have a nice evening! Simone

  2. I found it! Follow this tutorial here and the shadow border is GONE!

    Dead simple it is. When you know it...

  3. thank you SO MUCH Annette: this is it! I did it and I am sooo happy now! Thanks a Million, you are my hero.


  4. I am a hero! I am a hero! Na na na na na na na! Kram :D

  5. Wilde er heel lang niet aan omdat ik bang was voor nog meer tijdgebrek, maar ben sinds kort toch overstag gegaan met pinterest....en ik geniet!
    ik ga snel bij je kijken.
    fijn weekend, liefs Ester

  6. Annette, I am using the new blogger and tried editing through that tutorial link you gave, but it didn't work for me. :( I so dislike those white borders around my pictures on blog.

    Anyways, let me know if you know any other way out. :)
    thank you so much. :)

  7. @Preeti: Oh I am so sorry it doesn't work for you. Did you not forget to hit ENTER after you pasted the code in your template? Otherwise I would just contact Blogger and ask them...



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