Friday, October 26, 2012


thank you so much for giving me tips and ideas about my pictures and header lay out
you really helped me out and made me happy with plain pictures without borders on my blog

oh and I wanted to share with you that the porcelain marker wasn't as dishwasher safe as it promised to be
so I have to go out and find a different brand, or try this idea that I found through Pinterest

 it's the perfect time of year to go for a long walk in the forest
and come home by the fire place with some crochet, a pile of magazines and hot tea with cinnamon flavor
it is exactly what I plan to do the next two days

enjoy the weekend


  1. Love love love your new banner. The best one ever! I think it is because of the Swedish cottage...

  2. Your weekend plans sound so relaxing :)

  3. Mooie beelden, ik zet je blog op mijn leeslijst, goed weekend.

  4. such a lovely new look here my friend...I am sooooo in the need to change my header...soon..soon. Looks like a lovely weekend a head for you..I have that same magazine and just have not had time to take a new magazines are piling up...just got Matthew Meads new one...happy dance. xoxo

  5. Hoi Maaike, echt een prachtige nieuwe lay-out heb je gemaakt!! Een heerlijk fris blog zo....
    Als je me kunt tippen hoe je die randen rond je foto's hebt weggekregen hou ik mij zeer aanbevolen. Ik heb me daar al zo vaak over gebogen maar ik krijg het niet weg......

    Fijne zondag, hier schijnt de zon, is het fris en zeer herfstig vandaag. Liefs, Claire

  6. your weekend goodies look just lovely. The header looks just right for this time of year and how you managed to lose your borders is a mystery to me! even when I type in transparent they are still there as a shadow!! Heather x

  7. JJ, your blog and pictures look so beautiful, as always. the idea of walk in forest and then sitting by fire with crochet is so cozy and warm ! have nice week ! :)

  8. These pictures look divine- i'm all about a hot cup and tea and a stash of magazines :)

  9. Thank you all dearly for your lovely comments!

    @Annette : of course it is :) xxx

    @Martine : welkom en dankjewel!

    @Claire : dankjewel! ik ook, en eindelijk heb ik DE tip gekregen van Annette, met een link naar een helpsite van Google die uitlegt hoe je de CSS kunt aanpassen in je template

    @Heather: thank you darling! see link above that I got through Annette, to get to the help page from Blogger where they explain you how to add a CSS code and tadaaa... borders are gone!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~