Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blue @Pinterest

1. table 2. flower 3. spools 4. barn 5. berries 6. cutlery 7. quilt

blue. my absolute favorite color of all times. from a light baby blue via almost teal up to a dark marine or midnight blue, I love them all. at my Pinterest account I don't have color organized boards ~ except for blue. I might add more colors in the future when I feel like it, but for now it is only blue.
now that we are heading into Winter, it get's harder to take pictures with good daylight. but the good news is that the light itself has a blue filter almost. and that I absolutely love. add some snow and we have a perfect reflexion. hopefully soon!

when I have time, I love being on Pinterest and click beyond the pretty images and find out what site they are from, who took them etc. etc. it is addictive, I can easily loose hours of my day when I am on such a clicking-adventure. today, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my pick for the collage above, the adorable dotted cutlery set, brought me to one of my all time favorite blogs Julia's Vita Drömmar from Sweden. The light, the natural colors, and of course her super sweet and beautiful kids... I found her years ago through a Swedish magazine, she has an online shop and if you love the light, Scandinavian style this is a must-see.

the picture of the spools in the collage took me to the USA, to a company called Brooklyn Tweed. have you heard of them before? well I hadn't and I am so happy I did today, because their yarns look delicious. I love it when a product is locally made with so much attention to the production process, you can read a little about it here and have a look at their blog. their story reminds me a lot of the yarn mills on PEI we visited last Summer. I am definitely getting in touch with them to see if I can get some of those yummy yarns...

and last but not least, two of the pictures found their origin in Canada. what a coincidence. the barn happens to be within an hour drive from where we live. and the quilt was found on the site from Marion Melbourne, which happens to be a Toronto based design team.

don't you love it when you find local interesting places through the world wide web?

happy day


  1. I just love the color blue- especially dark blue. and yes, i've heard of Brooklyn Tweed and just LOVE them- the designs by Jared Flood are AMAZING and i've always wanted to use one of their yarns.

    speaking of yarn, I actually just finished knitting a cowl! Its knit up in a cream cotton using 6 different motif squares. I've blogged about it here if you want to take a peek:


  2. Blue certainly has a comeback. Love your blue pictures found on pinterest.

    I recently started a Granny Square Blanket with all squares framed in different blues and it looks awesome (well, at least that is my opinion ;-) )


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~