Friday, November 16, 2012

Crochet and Paper

there is a lot in the making here. thank you all so much for your lovely comments to my work in progress crochet pillows last week. I followed your advice and have added a simple white backing as you can see. and plan to add the crochet cover tonight while sitting by the fireplace. 
although... now that the white is attached to the back, I like the look of them... this happens to me so often. I plan to make something and half way I see other opportunities and change directions. but, for now I will stick to the plan. may be make more pillows in this plain style later on.

also in the making for the fair I am attending in December; gift tags. I enjoy taking a break from yarn every now and then. working with paper is so quick and satisfying; cutting, glue-ing, glittering away. do you also like those little vintage images? I think they are so cute, and the perfect size for the tags.
and in blue.. a sneak peek. very sneaky. you'll probably guess what's in the making? more about that next week.

have a very happy weekend, and happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating
and for the Dutch: veel plezier met de intocht van Sinterklaas morgen! wij kijken ook tijdens de Nederlandse les, zo'n heerlijke tijd van het jaar. ik geniet lekker mee met de kinderen hier.


  1. Maaike,

    Je kussens zijn geweldig, ik zal sint en piet morgen de groeten van je doen.


  2. So beautiful and I adore your vintage tags!! So sweet! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  3. pretty fabric, it goes well with the crochet. I can see why you might like to keep! Heather x

  4. Olá
    a tua manta em azul, é muito parecida com uma que eu fiz. Parece-me linda!

    Um Beijo

  5. Het ziet er prachtig uit!! Wat ben je creatief!! Leuk om je te volgen,
    Groetjes Lies (

  6. Hey, mooie deken! Die had ik nog niet gezien! Prachtig!! Dikke kus! Xx

  7. wat mooi zeg, ik ben verliefd op je kussens :)! En wat leuk die kaartjes! Fijn weekend!

  8. Goddness, gracious this pillow in incredible. And the blues....oh so nice!

    I follow and ready all the time, but am not good comments. I will try to bet better. :-) Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! So very much enjoy your blog.

  9. I can hardly wait to see how you will attach your pillow tops to the covers sewn. :0) I am at that point with mine and have not done this before. Thank you so much for as many hints as you are willing to share. :0)
    Your tags are adorable!! I will save my cards from this year and try making our own. :0)
    Your blue blanket is gorgeous!!
    Have a nice day. Trish xoxo

  10. love the granny pillow colours!!!
    stopped by via blogger, pinterest & insta :-)
    greetings pami

  11. Hey Maaike, heb eindelijk de tijd genomen om me even te buigen hoe ik de lelijke witte randen nou kon weg krijgen op het blog. En het was met jou link zo gepiept!! Heerlijk zo'n 'wit' blog!! Dank je wel hè!

    Ik zou trouwens graag bij je het een en ander willen bestellen, mail je wel even!

    Prachtig je kussens trouwens, echt heel erg mooi!!
    Liefs, Claire

  12. oh my those pillows are adorable!

  13. Groetjes terug van de pieten ;-))

    Die deken is trouwens prachtig! Mooie kleuren, Delfts blauw!

  14. A lovely blog. I am visiting from Rhonda's Down to Earth blog.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~