Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lots in the Making

serious computer issues kept me from blogging today, but fortunately it all worked out well and here I am with an update on what is in the making this week. of course with the fair coming up this Saturday, everything I am doing is in favor of the event. I am finishing up some Santa's like I made last year, do you remember them? one by one the pillows will be done on time I hope, boy are they a lot of work. if they weren't this pretty, I would definitely not be able to keep on hand sewing the crochet tops on.

and something little arrived in the mail today: washi tape with the cutest little birds. it came all the way from the Netherlands, I ordered it from the lovely new webshop from Simpel & Leuk. the shop opened only two weeks ago, is owned by Nelleke from Languis Design and already a succes. definitely worth a visit if you like simple, yet stylish and useful items like a knit cowl, plaid, wooden toy and many more. wishing you lots of shop luck Nelleke!


  1. I remember the Santas!They are so cute. And yes, crochet pillows are a handful to finish off. You can always bring an unfinished pillow with you and finish it on the spot. That makes people curious and interested to see you work with an item live. I did that on both my markets with the pin cushions. People stop and look and because you are busy with something they don't feel nervous to have to buy something. Totally the opposite actually. they start to look even more on your table. I am a having a shop appearance tomorrow... Busy with that and therefor no blogging for a few days now. Good luck on Saturday. Stay cool. Pack the car the day before, bring tape, pins, hammer,string, safety pins anything that might be helpful for displaying your stuff. Can't wait to see your report on how it went. ♥♥♥

  2. What een geweldig leuke washitape! Je hebt me op een idee gebracht!
    Groetjes van Ellebel

  3. I love the bird tape!

  4. Ha, die kerstventjes ken ik nog... we konden er winnen vorig jaar,hé?
    Ze blijven snoezie!

  5. I adore your crocheted pillows! So beautiful and I know how much work that is. Loved visiting your blog and meeting you through the link party! Happy week! - Laura

  6. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up! Your craft is beautiful. I'm always in envy of those who crochet or knit. My Grandmother loved knitting and crochet. So, when I see beautiful work I always think of her.
    I'm a new follower!
    xxx Liz


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