Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thrift Shopping in the USA

last in the series from our Summer holidays: a little story about our thrift shopping adventure in the USA. in Maine along the scenic highway 1, to be exact. we expected to drive down this road along the coast, have a coffee here and lunch there, enjoy pretty views and take a right at some point to head back home. that was the plan. haha. what happened was this. 

due to the hour time difference between the Atlantic Coast in Canada and the USA, we found ourselves driving through an 'antique fair on the bridge' before 8 am and pulled over to have a look. we checked out the stalls and their pretty items for good prices. at the end we arrived at a tiny stand with a girl who sold her homemade goodness my mom does the pies, I do all the other sweet stuff, like the whoopie pies you ain't never heard of whoopie piieess?! well, by that time we knew this wasn't going to be 'just another day of driving'. it ended up to be one of the best days of our holiday, going from antique fair to thrift shop, to Treasures and Trash barn. we had so much fun, seeing items we had never seen before and wanting to stop over at every antique sign to make sure we wouldn't miss any treasure. ok, may be that last part was only me, haha.

what we brought? about 1/10 of all that we would have brought if the car was bigger. but oh well...

pretty wooden spools of all sizes and sorts, a darling kids tin with drawings of a carousel on it, and one of the top items if you ask me; the original coca cola tray with 24 bottles with different states of origin on their bottoms. I can see myself clean them, get some of those pretty paper straws with red and white stripes, and enjoy a sip of coke...

well, I hope you enjoyed the Summer series over the past few weeks. there was 
Halifax ~ The Loop a yarn store
Yarn Mills and Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island
yarn shopping in Maine, USA
and the Roosevelt Cottage on Campobello Island

next week until Christmas a new weekly series will start: gift wrapping! 
make sure you get all the tips and tricks on time for Christmas, that I have collected and tried out to share with you


  1. I would love to go thrifting in the USA - I'm jealous! We have markets over here but they can be a bit well organised (i.e. no bargains at all), I like the whole 'finding a treasure' aspect that seems to go with the US scene.

  2. What fun! Such sweet pretty treasures! xo Heather

  3. Sweet finds! I'd be in heaven!
    My mom was born & raised in Maine, so I get homemade Whoopie pies on a regular basis. Tasty aren't they? *grin*

  4. Okay, seriously! I would have bought a trailer and brought EVERYTHING home. That is a sight my dear. What if thrift shopping was like that over here. I could only dream about it. I love love LOVE places like that barn. Oh My Gooood! like they say in teh south... Ha ha ha! Great finds. Those Coca Cola bottles are a real treasure.
    Ooops, I am side tracked again... I should prepare... not chat with you. got to go!

  5. Oh, die foto's telkens weer !! Zo mooi!
    Die colaflesjes zijn het einde,zeg!!

  6. what a great day, I swear the thrift shops in the USA do look better than here! There is so much of it! Good luck for Saturday, Heather x


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