Thursday, November 8, 2012

Recently @ Pinterest

1. ribbons 2. mugs 3. cookie 4. pillows 5. knitting

this week I found a new favorite at Pinterest. look at these pretty pastel images... if you take a look at the boards from Wendy Jansen you will find much more of these calming, cozy pictures. her boards have names like cookies, ribbon and pillows that speak to my imagination. very well done Wendy, I love coming over to your boards and get cozy!

and I thought I should add some inspiration for handmade Christmas gifts, and even some that might appeal to men; the star for example. no I am kidding, I mean the gadget cozy's. all of them are to be found on my crochet goodness board on Pinterest and have a link to the pattern.
click here for the potholder pattern. both the potholder and the phone cozy are in Danish, but the pictures and google translater should help you out. the star pattern is available to the above mentioned link on Ravelry.  

enjoy clicking and crocheting!


  1. I do like the star pattern, very nice, maybe I'll try. Thanks for the links, Heather x

  2. Hi
    I an just looking through your blog. And then suddenly i see my own design of the coffee mug cozy. Very fun. I am glad you like it.
    Nice blog you have.
    // Louise


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~