Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Roosevelt Cottage

in the series of photo's from our Summer holiday along the Canadian and US East Coast, today the Roosevelt Cottage on Campobello Island. very pretty with it's plain decor and so lovely situated by the water. 

the main reason I am sharing this with you is because of the personal touch of Eleanor Roosevelt I found in this cottage. she was a remarkable, inspiring lady to say the least. and through a peak in her cottage, I found out she was very creative with yarn too. her personal knitting basket by the fire, some pink knitting in the making in the bedroom window sill, patchwork potholders in the kitchen. and lovely handmade rugs throughout the house, which she had bought from local artists. her down to earth style, love for handmade and creative eye is what I find very inspiring, especially how she maintained them with her role as First Lady.
today you'll still find quotes from Eleanor everywhere, if you're interested have look here to find most of them.

next week and last in this series: thrift shopping USA


  1. What beautiful pictures of the Roosevelt cottage and I loved all those Eleanor Roosevelt quotations. She was quite some lady!

  2. Oh what a wonderful place and wonderful photos to go with it! Suzy your new follower.

  3. Lovely pictures! Simply gorgeous. I love the way you combine the pictures to make a beautiful n contrast collage.:)

  4. How I would love to see this in person. So many simple touches that make a really peaceful and homey cottage: baskets of apples from the tree, braided rugs, knitting next to the chair.

  5. yes an inspiring lady, i like her quotes! and homely touches, Heather x

  6. What a inspiring lady, love the rug in those colours. The flowers are great. Have a good weekend.
    Sweet greet, Martine.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~