Friday, December 7, 2012

New Blog

all pictures by Jenn from Color 'n Cream

I don't know about you, but I am always super happy when one of you approaches me through e-mail to get in touch, and chat a little about blogging or crocheting. it feels like meeting new friends.

it was a few weeks ago when Jenn from the Netherlands sent me an e-mail and we started chatting. we share an international moving experience, both love to crochet and sew, and get carried away with making color combinations. she happens to be way ahead of me when it comes to making crochet cushions with a fabric backing. you find two of them in the pictures above. I am in awe how she adds a beautiful border of crochet at the back, and hope she will learn me how to do this.

aren't the color combinations she picked lovely? and matching yarn with fabric is such a fun thing to do...
all the beautiful work, her pretty craft space and her darling girls can be found at her new blog Color 'n Cream
go say hi to Jenn and make sure you become a new follower of her pretty crafts!

also, I am thinking about sharing pretty new blogs on a monthly basis. what do you think? did you recently start blogging, or do you know of someone who did and would like to have a little feature here? please let me know


  1. You have a beautiful blog. Very lovely. Very colourful. Very full of life. I am visiting your blog the first time and am awed. Wonderful!

    You are talking about new bloggers. Sangeetha of is a new blogger and a crocheter. Her blog is coming up well. Do visit her blog. Am sure it could be featured in your new bloggers land!

    Have a wonderful day

  2. I'm loving Colour 'n Cream - thank you for sharing! It's a great idea to do a regular "new blog" segment - I'm always on the hunt for interesting blogs, plus it helps out a fellow blogger. I've recently started blogging and would love to put my hand up, it's


  3. Wat een heerlijke kleurenpracht!
    Ik zou het leuk vinden om af en toe over nieuwe bloggers te lezen, er zijn zoveel blogs de moeite waard waar we anders nooit terecht komen.

  4. Hi , I have started blogging this year in May and I love all the blogging friends I made. I work full time and have 2 teens. S not too much time for blogging, but I try to have a new post once a week. I'll be posting something new, Christmas tomorrow. Would love to be featured here on your blog if you like my post sometime... I really enjoy your blog ... Wonderful colors and textures, love it , :)

  5. i just paid a visit to your new friend!!!!
    thank you for sharing, xxx Ale

  6. What a nice pictures. I will go and see her blog! I do not crochet but I love it very much!
    My mother is a very well croch lady! Love it when you introduce new blogs! I do have a little project to on my blog. 'Blogger in the picture'. Always nice to meet new bloggers! Sweet greet, martine (and have a great weekend)

  7. yes I think it's a good idea. it's always nice to find new inspiration! Jenn's work looks lovely and I'm off to have a look now, have a good weekend! Heather x

  8. Que bonito y que colorido.

  9. It's à kind of getting an award, only à million times better;)

  10. wat mooi de kleurtjes alleemal.

    groetjes Conny

  11. All these colours make me really happy!

  12. Thanks for sharing!! Such pretty inspiration! xo Heather

  13. Super mooi, ik ben helemaal verliefd op de kralenslinger !!

  14. hi!I'm zohreh ,I'm from Iran .I like your blog ,It's full of color & life and full of happiness.your crafts are so perfect&you are using nice color for your crochet,I enjoy looking at your blog .hugs xoxo zohreh

  15. Oh, what a beauty.

  16. I'd love you to start a 'New Blog' monthly post - I love finding new and colourful blogs. And you have such good taste my dear!


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