Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa is Coming to Town

good morning, how was your weekend? ours was gloomy and I decorated the Christmas tree.
last week the cutest Santa's arrived from the UK. we won't see our families for Christmas, so when I saw these Santa's on Clara's Instagram feed I decided they were the perfect set to send to my family in Europe.
do you know The Corner House? such a perfect shop with the most pretty items, and the good news is... there is a web shop. I couldn't resist the glass toadstools so got three of those too. I was so happy when they arrived in Canada in one piece! Thank you again Clara for all your help in shipping these items around the world.

if you're more of a colorful Christmas, make sure you have a look over at Citrus and Orange. Beautiful blog, amazing pictures, love for Cath Kidston, and when looking at this post I fell in love with those cute deers... keeping the child in me alive as this is supposed to be for kids, haha. she has a lovely Facebook page too.

wishing you a holly jolly swinging Monday


  1. wat een mooie foto's :)! Heerlijke gezellige sfeer! En wat super leuk die oude ladder met al die kaartjes eraan! Genieten!

  2. It looks like you've found some of the cutest little ornaments! Sorry you won't be able to go home to be with your family this year... that's tough. Hopefully you can gather together for a celebration with your new found friends in Canada.

  3. Hello! Great shop The Corner House. Had just a brief look but thanks for sharing. And those deers... I have a couple for my Christmas tree. They are darn cute!
    Weekend? You don't want to know... Lets just say I spent most time bending over the toilet seat and now my tummy is flatter than ever. Always a silver lining with every tragedy right? I am sure I will put back on my cozy muffin waist line as soon as we start the yearly ginger cookie and saffron bun making over here. Happy Monday!

  4. Het ziet er gezellig bij je uit Maaike! Volgens mij is dit jullie eerste kerst in Canada toch! Ik kan mij voorstellen dat het moeilijk is zonder familie. Jullie kerstversieringen dragen echter genoeg bij aan de sfeer.

    Een fijne dag!

    Madelief x

  5. Love the ornaments, especially the toad stools (I just put up mine, I have the old paper once from when I was a kid, sweet memories from Swe)... I have to tell you, I really enjoy your blog, its very lovely and so much inspiration.

    I hope you'll have a lovely Christmas and you will be able to see your family again soon. I been here now for 25 years and I still miss Christmas back home (I really miss all the traditions and old town Christmas market... and family of course).

  6. Hey Maaike,

    I really like the Citrusandorange-bog. Thank you for sharing. Your pictures look lovely (as ever)! X Jenn


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~