Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grande Project ~ 2

pictures by Marie-Thérèse

hello, it's Marie-Thérèse from The Netherlands. it is an honor for me to post here and get the chance to test this Catania Grande yarn together with Alessandra and Maaike. much sooner than I expected, the yarn arrived on my doorstep when I came back from a lovely walk with my kids and dog last week. the envelope, the pretty wrapping and a very sweet card, all so lovely. I am very excited that this crochet test project can start now!

about the pattern I chose. my intentions were to start a poncho for my baby daughter, similar to the one I am making for myself. the collar is made of a few granny's, finished off with granny stripes. when I calculated the sizing for my daughter, it would be way too large. therefore I decided to work with a different pattern that is made of just granny stripes. 
I picked the pink, green and white. Maaike added the light blue for me and I love how the colors work together, I will include the blue for sure. now I have to decide in which order to use these colors. I will start with pink, then white, followed by green. the rest will come together as I go, Maaike's crochet work is a good source of inspiration for me. and I am very sure this is going to be one pretty poncho! 

thank you very much for your lovely contribution Marie-Thérèse, I am really curious to see the poncho you are making for yourself too. that must be such a pretty sight in a few weeks from now; mom and baby in the same style poncho.

let me apologize for posting the Wednesday post on Thursday, but I am not really feeling well this week. must be that delayed Spring that is not yet here to warm me up. oh well, it will pass. 
in the mean time I re-designed the blanket for this Grande test project because I wanted to include dark blue yarn since Alessandra and Marie-Thérèse are not using it. this first row looks pretty messy and it is pretty messy too, haha. it is my attempt to make squares without crocheting separate squares first. does that make sense? an update will follow next week, by then you will see if it worked out.

good news from Indonesia; the yarn arrived at Alessandra's place too! more about that and her table runner project next week

on a side note: today is the last day for you to enter the book give away here... I will pick a winner tomorrow


  1. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with, how exciting! I'm also going to be interested to see how your squares, without making squares turns out! Looks very complicated and clever!

    S x

  2. Interesting design there on the graph paper...looks like a very nice yarn to work with.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~