Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Grande Project ~ 4

pictures by Marie-Thérèse

it's Wednesday... time for a Catania Grande Project update

Marie-Thérèse started with her baby poncho last week, and has added quite a few rows this week. it is coming together nicely as you can see. the shape is showing very well on the vase, so cute and pretty. she says: I love to crochet with this yarn. it doesn't fringe and feels very soft. the colors are very pretty. I am very happy with the yarn and plan to use it for future projects for sure!

pictures by Alessandra

last week the yarn arrived with Alessandra in Indonesia, and she started crocheting the first rows of her table runner. the colors she picked are red, green and pink. I rarely work on a project without a shade of white in it, so I was eager to see how these colors would work together. and I love it, it gives a real dense color splash. she says: I remember entering for the yarn challenge, and never thought of the possibility of winning, there are so many great crocheters out there! but now I am in and I am playing the game with joy. I am usually an acrylic yarn girl; it is a little elastic when you work with it and I like that. so at first I was a little scared to work with cotton. but after the first rows, I can say Catania Grande is just fabulous in your hands. it is soft enough and a pleasure to work with. what I like most is the quality of this cotton; when you crochet with it, it doesn't split in fact it keeps it's shape. I love it!

and my own project, the baby blanket, is taking shape as well. I am almost half way! it is becoming a decent size blanket, quite thick and sturdy, yet very soft and even warm. I can't wait to start with the second half of the blanket and pick my colors for it. light blue for sure, I am doubting on red or pink... oh and then there are quite a few yarn ends to weave in. not looking forward to that at all haha.

three very different projects, in different color combinations, coming along nicely if you ask me! stay tuned, there'll be a new update next Wednesday

a big hug to Marie-Thérèse and Alessandra for playing along with me, I am so lucky to have these dedicated girls on board with this project!

if you're new here and would like to know the background of this project:


  1. Yes! it's really nice to look at 3 different projects in the same post!!!
    I'm really enjoying crocheting along with you Maaike and I love when we exchanges our impressions via email!!! ;oD
    Lovely half blanket, btw!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Hello. Wonderful rejects all three. All so different although they are made from pretty much the same color theme... Loving this. It will be real interesting to see this project grow on with influenced from all the worlds corners. Well done everyone. And go pink Maaike. Pink I think... It even rhymes. :)

  3. what wonderful patterns and I love the colours - I hope you are happy with the yarn and this project has helped you.
    Sue x

  4. I love the colours in your projects.
    Can you tell me the difference between Catania grande and Drops Paris? They look so similar...
    Thanks, Eef

  5. It's all looking wonderful! Great job!

  6. Love following this project.


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