Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Mail

utterly total case of joy in my mailbox yesterday. this lovely parcel from Haafner. I featured her pretty pretty blog recently. what a generous parcel Haafner! such lovely items and pieces to start crafting with. I love the Asian touch and patterns, and of course the wrapping too. I saved all the paper and will definitely use that in collages. there was absolutely no need to send this, but thank you very much Haafner, you spoiled me and I love it!

by the way, she wrote a blog post about her piles of crochet work. hop over to find some yummy Spring colors and inspiring patterns ~ there is something about the look of them that makes me want to take a bite and indulge in the sweetness, like icing on a delicious cupcake

ok major distraction there, from cupcakes back to mail. what was the last time you sent a parcel to someone you met online? I am putting a little something together for a friend I met through Instagram. it's not about the size, it's about the thoughtful idea and spreading joy around the world in an envelope. if only we could see each others' smiles when we open the mailbox and find the parcel...


  1. What a beautiful gift!

    Madelief x

  2. Lieve Maaike,

    Ohohoh - wat een lieve woorden. Dank! Ik ben blij dat het pakketje is aangekomen & dat je het leuk vindt.

    Nogmaals veel dank & een fijne dag,

    xHaafner (bloost nog steeds ;-) )
    PS. Wat wordt je dekentje van het Grande-project super, geweldig ontwerp!

  3. What a lovely gift - it's lovely to receive something through the post and almost as much fun planning a little parcel to send to a friend. I sent a small parcel to a friend recently, some tiny heart bunting and some chocolate chickens and it filled me with joy getting it together for her - thank you for sharing x

  4. How sweet, I would love to get a present in the post like this,we should all do it. Share a little happiness .

  5. I love sending and receiving post, so nice to get something thoughtful directly form another person
    I set myself the task in February of sending 28 letters, I didn't quite make it but I had a lot of fun with it

  6. what a lovely parcel! sigh. It's nice to do this, Heather x

  7. Im pretty sure you're happy to received these parcels. Shipping is on time which is great.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~