Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last Tickets!

a little overwhelmed but mostly super excited and happy ~ that's me right now. due to your amazing feedback, sweet personal messages and thoughtful heartfelt e-mails about create 'n date. I have guests coming from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany, ladies bringing their best friends and sisters, and tickets are almost sold out already. there are literally just a handful left. so here I am, sitting in the lovely Spring sun, writing official invitations to my guests on June 2nd and smiling. you rock my world ladies!

if you plan to come, please send an e-mail to to get information on how to secure your spot. read more about the details here in Dutch and here in English

yep, I am still smiling


  1. Well it iss just wonderfull...youre whole plan!!
    I'm sad i can't come.......but i wish you all a lovely day in Amsterdam...
    Love Theetje

  2. I am so jealous I so want to come - but it's to far to travel. I want to read all about it.
    Sue xxx

  3. Wat spannend Maaike dat er zelfs blogsters uit Zwitersland en Duitsland komen! Ik verheug mij enorm op de ochtend. Vind het ook leuk om jou te ontmoeten :-)!

    Fijne dag!

    Madelief x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~