Monday, August 19, 2013


all our belongings are packed and currently stacked in a little container. just like 2 years ago it gives a sense of freedom to live like nomads and have all our stuff fitting in 3 suitcases. of course it also makes us restless and focused on finding a new place to call home. in the mean time I crochet on and enjoy matching my work to the homes of kind friends and family where we temporarily stay. 

just in case you're looking for a new project: 
a selection of my crochet and knitting patterns you may or may not already be familiar with, will build up over at Cut Out + Keep where I have the honour of being the superstar for this week.

have a good week


  1. "all our belongings are packed and currently stacked in a little container"
    Love this phrase!
    We are digital nomads as well!
    Good luck!

  2. You know... 5 of the many bloggers I follow are moving too, including me!
    Is this a seasonal thing? or we, crochet makers, all in sintony?
    I find this really amazing and funny :)

    Al the best

  3. Een prachtige doily Maaike! Heel veel succes met alle voorbereidingen voor jullie reis naar Nederland.

    Madelief x

  4. Muy buen artículo,de los mejores que he leído hoy sin ninguna duda.

    Si crees que eres superdotado o aún más,te crees un genio,entonces sólo entra aquí.

    hay actividades para intentar descubrir tu CI

  5. That sound very... Liberating and carefree. How lovely. For a while. When the news of being a nomad wares off it is nice to find a place to call home too. Good luck in your search. Fun little interview. Congrats on that! Looking forward to see and hear more about your move back.


  6. I hope everything goes well with your move and that you can find you new home very soon... We r getting ready to move also ( not too far from where we live. Just 5 blocks but building a different house. We lived in the same place for 16!years, it was time for a change) very exciting and adventurous... We are excited about it... Hope your adventure brings you lots of happy moments :)

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~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~