Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Craft Technique ~ and a Competition

above 5 pictures by The Amazings ~ I've written a blogpost about them before, you can find it here

there's a wonderful new class online over at The Amazings in collaboration with Lara who is an editor for Mollie Makes Magazine. it is about how to machine embroider a lovely piece of jewelry. and even though it sounds complicated and looks very much so, it actually is pretty easy. the Amazing Gilda makes it very simple during this class and explains it so well, that even if you're unexperienced with the sewing machine you should be able to make this! she explains it all, from the machine basics and explaining this project, to showing other possibilities for this technique. I just finished a little hand embroidery piece for the Fall edition of Gatherings Magazine, and never thought I would do this on my machine. but this class has totally got me and I'd love to try and make a bracelet with this technique.

also, there is a great opportunity with this technique for you too! if you follow the class and make your own jewelry along, you can win a sewing machine. Yes, a sewing machine! isn't that fabulous?
 the details to participate and enrol are listed below.

Competition Details:

1. Purchase the Embroider class in August.
2. After purchasing, you will receive email with a link to the competition entry. Simply submit your details and you're in with the chance to win.
3. Competition closes at 11:59 on Sunday September 15th, 2013.
4. Winner will be notified by email and invited to choose a sewing machine of up to £300/$450
5. Crafters can pin their images onto the 'Gilda & Lara Competition' board on our Pinterest account.
6. Entry is available to crafters worldwide.
7. Full rules available on the competition webpage. 

you can find more inspiration on their Pinterest board before you get stitching and create your own masterpiece of jewelry or... may be your creative mind comes up with something else fabulous?
I can't wait to get stitching, however my machine is floating at sea, somewhere between Canada and The Netherlands at the moment. I did however get some supplies to start designing my piece.

are you in?


happy weekend to you

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