Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diagram Pattern

what started as a quick try out to figure out a pattern, is quickly becoming my new favourite blanket that will hopefully be finished when we move into our new home in a couple of weeks from now. yes, we found a place and we are very excited to move in. it is hard to be patient sometimes.
in the mean time I am crocheting and enjoying the beautiful Summer weather here in The Netherlands. I can hardly believe how fast this blanket is growing. the main reasons I am working on it so much is because I like the squares and the colours, but definitely also because I am not in the need of another 'projects in progress'. when we have access to our belongings from Canada again, it will definitely be my next goal to finish a decent amount of the projects in progress before I start new ones. it feels so good to finish things, it clears my mind and gives a satisfied feeling.

ok, back to this blanket. you can find the pattern here. I tried a little piece of the pink edging I had in mind, but adding a different colour became a little messy to my eyes. instead I decided to go for a dark blue edging. I will show you pictures soon. oh and last but not least, after your positive replies to the pattern of these squares, I decided to try draw a diagram pattern too. I hope this will be helpful for those of you who don't read Dutch or English so well. I have added the diagram to the pattern blog post too.


  1. Mijn dochter vond de kleurencombi heel erg mooi. Ik had toevallig van alle kleuren een bolletje liggen en heb de bolletjes samen met het patroon klaargelegd om een voorbeeld te haken. Eerst vananvond een babydekentje afwerken. Ik wordt altijd vrolijk van afgewerkte projectjes.
    Benieuwd waar je nieuwe stek is gelegen.
    Succes met inrichten van je nieuwe home en het afwerken van de plaid. Benieuwd naar het resultaat!

  2. What a lovely pattern and colors - uh, and the photos are great as well :-)

  3. It's a such a beautiful pattern and your colours are divine! The chart is great, I do find them so much easier for a quick glance reminder to refer too. So helpful. I shall look forward to the final reveal and I'm sure it'll be perfect in your new home. I hope everything goes smoothly for you moving in.

    S x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~