Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gatherings Magazine Fall 2013

yay it's here, the new issue of Gatherings Magazine! packed with beautiful ideas and inspiration to give your Fall celebration a romantic touch. among many other pretty articles, enjoy outdoor crafting with Annetta, decorate with Ayda and cook with Clarice, or have a peek at the placemats I created from recycled wool sweaters, to brighten up your seasonal dinner table with a little neon touch.

have a look at the preview here or go straight to the website to get a digital and/or print copy yourself!


  1. I really loved your placemats, I want to try it as find as an old sweater...

    1. I thought they were very creative and awesome too! Need new placemats and now I know what to do! Off to find an old sweater with you Ayda!


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