Thursday, September 12, 2013

International Crochet Day 2013: Shop Discount

thanks to my friends on Instagram, I learned today is International Crochet Day! haha I didn't know such thing existed, but I love it. to celebrate, I created a coupon code for my shop: CROCHETDAY2013

it gives you 25% off all crochet patterns in the shop from today till Sunday September 15, 2013.
had I known this earlier... I will try to upload a new pattern in the shop before Sunday.

cheers to many more wonderful, calm, colourful and happy hooky times!


  1. Internationale haakdag! Ik had er geen idee van dat het bestond. Dat moet ik maar even vieren, was net van plan een breiwerkje te starten vanavond. Maar dat moet dan toch maar een haakavondje worden.
    groet, Arianne

  2. Great idea. I told Jay about the International Crochet Day and how I found that fabulous as it is the day after the depressing 9/11... He just laughed and said "There is a such a thing as a crochet day?". Well, I wouldn't have known either if it wasn't for IG and Blog land. Happy crochet day! And every day that follows.

  3. I didn't know there was an international crochet day (shame on me) but I celebrate it all the time by buying new yarns so I think I'm safe ;)My wallet however not so much.


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