Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Multi Coloured Squares

mid week update on what is in the making here. the latest blanket is finished, yay. a little sneak peek of the edging in the pictures above. more about the blanket and it's edging later this week. with the left over bits and pieces I worked up some multicolour squares. a nice try out for me, it is always fun to see what different rows of colour can do to a pattern. these particular squares will go to a lovely lady who called on Instagram for squares, to be made into blankets for very ill people who can use some warmth.  one special friend of her in the first place. I have seen projects like these in the blog world before, people sending in squares from all over the world, one lady stitching them together into blankets. such a wonderful thing to do. I love it when the power of social media is coming together for a good cause. if you're interested in donating some squares too, say hi to @tantetuntel on Instagram.
I uploaded a diagram of the crown-edging pattern I posted yesterday, and a new knitting pattern is in the making. I hope your week is coming along nicely too.

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