Monday, September 2, 2013

Thank You

the theme of last week obviously was the spontaneous new crochet pattern I posted. thank you all for your encouragement and lovely feedback, I truly appreciate every single comment and it has really given me the push I needed to post more patterns of items I have accumulated over the past year. writing patterns is a lot of work and instead I'd rather create new projects. but you have given me the pattern bug again and I am thankful for that. which means you will see more patterns here in the coming weeks.

for a little Monday inspiration:
along a little online surfing adventure I came across the beautiful blog and IG feed of Lindsi over at People Webs, check out her new entrelac crochet project here and have a look at her other inspiring crochet projects here. I love her style of photography and refreshing crochet and sewing projects.

I have been thinking lately about pickup up on the Pinterest collages I made on a weekly basis for a while last Winter, do you remember them? there was this one in white, this one in blue and a few more. would you be happy to see them return?

happy new week to you

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  1. Hi! Just to say that I found your blog recently and am loving reading it. I'm looking forward to exploring some past posts in the next few weeks. I love the collages, so that's a yes from me! And I'm really looking forward to more patterns : )
    With thanks and warm wishes, Jen : )


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~