Monday, October 14, 2013


flower love
our living room in the making and sunny backyard
crafty happiness - envelope making, crocheting, showing my first-ever-crochet-piece and exploring new coffee places
organizing our house, saying hi to the ladies and showing off our new but old front door
Fall is here too ~ and that is a farmers kitchen, not mine

hello my friends! loooong time no see, due to our final move and lack of wifi connection. but, all is well and we are settling into our new home a little more every day. we are starting to love to the charming little village we entered with it's friendly people, lovely old buildings, shops and outdoor life around it. at the same time I find myself wondering about every other day when our flight back home to Canada is scheduled, and then of course I realize there is no more home in Canada. it will take months and months for that feeling to sink in, I am sure. home is where the heart is, and a big piece of my heart is still in Canada that's for sure. I am telling myself every day that it is ok that way. moving is more than just packing your stuff and unpacking it somewhere else. so it is ok, and it needs time. and there might be a flight to Canada in the future, with a seat that has my name on it, who knows.

on a crafty level, a few weeks without wifi has been very productive. I finished a large knitting blanket that was on my WIP-to-finish list for 2013, made some smaller items, a few doilies and such. I made envelopes from scrap pieces of wrapping paper and enjoyed myself so much. whenever I am busy like I am now with moving stuff, I turn to easy and quick crafts and become a production machine, haha. it really helps me get everything sorted out. I got some new yarn which I will post about on Wednesday and start a little new series, it is going to be fun so watch out for that one. I owe you big time with a pattern for the edging of this blanket, and there are many more projects I will update you on.

a few weeks without wifi got me thinking. of course I was mad it had to take weeks before we would be connected. but while I missed reading your blogs and admiring your pictures and work, at the same time I enjoyed being creative without any interruptions. digital interruptions. inspiration can be overwhelming, do you recognize that? besides blogging, it is mainly instagram that takes lots of time every day and even though I love it so much, I also enjoy pure quality time to create new things, just like when I was a little girl. does this make sense to you? it is my new goal to find a time schedule for myself in which I am doing digital stuff, and time when I am not. any ideas? how do you manage this for yourself? I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. Enjoy your new home! "Home is where the heart is" I'm sure you will be fine. The technology is important, but I have some difficulty to manage the time properly, but I'm sure it'll be better soon. lol

    Good luck.


  2. Wat een mooie foto's! Schitterend huis, ik was al aan het gissen welk dorp het zou zijn. Heerlijk he, de herfst, ik vind dat het fijnste jaargetijde. Buiten is het mooi, herfstkleuren zijn prachtig en binnen wordt het ook erg gezellig. Kaarsen aan, de haard en natuurlijk een haakwerk en in de herfst wil ik ook graag breien. Zoveel projecten, maar een voor een, dan komt het goed. Je doily uit de mollie makes is super geworden. Ik heb het boek ook. Succes met de inrchting en ik ben erg benieuwd naar je nieuwe garen.

  3. Hope that you settle in to your new home very soon!

  4. Looks like you are settling in wonderfully. May this be a great new phase in your life :-)

  5. I agree - time out from online is important - the internet can be addictive and worst of all, while you're reading about stuff you're not actually doing anything!
    Glad to hear you're getting settled in, your new home and projects look lovely. I bet you miss Canada, it is quite a strange feeling trying to adjust after an expat experience. I feel a little like I don't quite belong in either place, even though I love both. A bit torn. x x

  6. Hi there, I also just moved and even though I'm still in the same country we had lived I. The same house for 17 years and boy... We had collected so much. My biggest objective now is to simplify... And be able to live with less... And one of the places I want to live with less is the Internet... It's so easy to et lost in it! We find lovely surprises and talented people, but I also get soooo distracted. I just now pit a limit and I do not let myself get distracted and over my limit. This way I can still enjoy it without feeling like I'm letting my life slip away in front of the computer.
    I love all of your new projects. So inspirational.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~