Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Yarn

courtesy of the beautiful centre piece goes to my mother in law who gave it as a welcome to your new home present. we've had it for weeks now and I love how perfect the flowers dry.

the new yarn I wrote about earlier this week: a delicious Fall yarn invicta colour #966 by Scheepjeswol, a Dutch yarn company. it is a sock yarn, however I am not planning to make socks with it.  my plan is to make long sleeve fingerless gloves, to go with the beautiful poncho my mom made me last Winter.

the wrinkles will leave as soon as I start wearing it again, it is just an after-effect of our move.

the invicta colour it is quite thin yarn, worked on needle size 3mm. with it's 75% wool it is pretty warm so I am thinking working double stranded would be too much. also, that would probably mess with the pretty colour wave. I have been playing with stitches to try and see how the colouring will graduate over different stitches. clearly, the bobble stitch takes up much more yarn and therefore graduates more often.

I think it perfectly matches the dark brown poncho. what do you think of the stitch swatches? what stitch has your preference? the double crochet is relatively open, it might stretch more too when I start wearing the gloves. I am thinking to do a combination of the bobble stitch on top of the gloves and half double at the bottom of my hands. I am still in doubt, suggestions from your end are very welcome.

it has been a while since I worked with multi coloured yarn and I forgot how much fun it is to work the colours around. it really excites me to see the colours change, such an adventurous life I live haha.

for those of you who were kindly wondering where Floyd is: of course he moved with us to The Netherlands and he loves it here. just like he loved Canada. and he still is my super curious assistant when I am taking pictures for blogging, photo bombing and all.


  1. I love the bobble stitch but maybe you can add the star stitch too.
    Love it...

  2. That yarn is LOVELY! it is going to look great with the poncho :-)
    I think I prefer the Dc, but actually all would look great

  3. That yarn is gorgeous I like the half double crochet best, with the bobbles at the top, very pretty and snuggly!

  4. love the color of the yarn! <3

  5. The colours in the yarn are great, I hope you have fun making your gloves, I'm sure they will look great with your poncho!

  6. The colours are very beautiful! I think that a combination of the two stitches, the bobble and double stitich, will work very well! Eliane

  7. The colours in the yarn are fabulous! The bobble stitch looks good.

  8. Your photos are beautiful and that yarn is gorgeous.

  9. Awesome yarn! I am using similar colours in a triangular kaleidoscopic type of throw at the moment but wish I had your yarn to reduce on all the colour changing! I also feel guilty for using those colours after reading Coco Rose's posting on colour - tee heee I am guilty of using the colours that she describes as disliking herself and now I wonder whether I should have stuck to greens and blues perhaps. Any way, I LOVE the bobble stitch and will pair it with hdc as you mentioned. Cheers and welcome back in the Netherlands!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~