Thursday, November 28, 2013

Paper Christmas

there's two things going on in this blogpost. first, there is no yarn included. it has been ages I think, since I posted a completely not-yarn related blog. second, this post is Christmas themed. now that I am living in The Netherlands again that feels a little like cheating. it is the country where we celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5th and basically Christmas comes after. 

but, since I love both paper and Christmas and there are no little Sinterklaas believers in our house, I thought it was ok to write this post and actually start decorating for Christmas a little bit. I have to, because I must make myself aware of it being only four weeks minus one day ahead! it seems to catch me by surprise every year… I hope I am not the only one?

but, let me give you a few words to the pictures. ever since I got an envelope maker a couple of weeks ago, I have been making envelopes like a mad woman. trace the shape, cut, fold, glue. and repeat. I can't seem to get enough of these machine-like activities. so when I saw this diamond maker by de krantenkapper, you understand my hands got itchy. lately I found some gorgeous papers that are not too Christmassy but sure make their point, at Søstrene Grene. what a delightful Scandinavian shop. the little felt balls I found there too. for the Dutch ladies: to me they are the perfect mix between Ikea, Hema and Xenos. affordable decorative items, cookware, craft supplies and even yarn. lucky you if you're near Groningen!

this morning I gave the diamond tracing, cutting, folding and glueing a go. luckily a how-to in text and images comes with it. the folding is a little more complicated than the envelopes, but so much fun. it reminds me of the days when I was about 10 years old and was totally into origami. loved it then, love it still.

and last but not least, the cute and pretty doves. while making more diamonds, I am thinking the felt balls, doves and diamonds will probably end up in a garland together or next to each other. the perfect start for Christmas decor if you ask me!

if you're interested in these products, for yourself or to gift to someone crafty, follow the links below
diamond maker by de krantenkapper ~ also in English and with web shop
paper and felt balls from Søstrene Grene
doves by Meri Meri, beautiful US based paper goods with a dangerous web shop ~ I warned you




  1. You did warn me but I couldn´t help it... Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful things!!!! <3

  2. paper crafts is fun too, like the diamonds! Heather x

  3. What lovely, subtle Christmas decorations, I love the grey and white and cream and red colour combinations.
    I'd love to have a go at making fancy paper decorations but I think I'm a little clumsy

  4. I absolutely fell in love with everything that I have seen above.
    And you're right, these webshops are really dangerous

  5. Love diamond but was unable to go to site for some reason. Also love your pot holders in previous posts. Linda gerig

  6. I love the idea of a paper Christmas! I am thinking of doing the same. It's so sweet and simple.

  7. Wauw! Ik werd opslag verliefd op de diamond maker...en ineens zat hij in mijn winkelmandje :)
    Bedankt voor je inspirerende blogpost!

    Fijn weekend,


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~