Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Update on Grandma's Crochet Potholders

* there's no black yarn in this post, even though it may seem so. it is all blue, one of them beautiful dark blue * 

last week in this post I showed you my new project: crocheting after my grandma's potholders with SoftFun yarn by Scheepjeswol. what I didn't tell you is that my dad has five sisters, my aunts. so I can see a lot of crochet potholders in my future… 

I finished one ahead of the others, to see if I could work out this pattern in the first place. it has some tricky parts in the white edging, but it worked out pretty well I think. it's a little larger than the original one my grandma made and I like that. to be honest the original was a little too small, not so practical in my opinion. 

I started the fun with lots of colours and combinations. the first ones all blue, and one with the variegated yarn. I am not too keen on that one, but I may have to finish the whole potholder in that yarn to see the full effect? what do you think about the variegated one?

but, since it is December, I couldn't stop myself and added some red and green to the palette. 

yes, now that sparkles the festive holiday spirit, right? 

wait a second…. sparkle? all right, I ploughed through my stash and dug up some thin gold and silver thread. now the real fun begins. a little kitsch may be yes, but that could be nice if used only a few weeks every year, I figured.

dark blue and gold, now with a green edge to set it off. white and silver, probably ending up with a bright blue edge for that kitsch feeling. what do you think? I am having fun, that's for sure. and as a result, I have lots of chances to test my own pattern. a new potholder pattern that I would love to share with you soon. that will allow you to crochet some last minute Christmas gifts?

my bet is every host would smile instantly when she unwraps a beautiful set of handmade-by-you potholders with a little sparkle in the middle…

or, as I am looking at them now, I am thinking they could be cute decorations for your tree or garland too, just like this? ooooh the possibilities. crochet and yarn have not let me down for that matter yet!



  1. I'm not a big fan of the gold/silver thread normally, but for Christmas it's just the right amount of sparkles. Love the combo white/silver!

  2. I love the blue and white combo. Probably because those are the colors I am decorating with this Christmas. Great job! They are beautiful!

  3. fun with crochet!!! I like your experiments and the amount of ideas !!!!
    xxxxx ale

  4. Lovely combinations, I saw the sneak peak yesterday in Instagram, ha ¡ and so they are potholders !!
    The yarn looks so soft !!

  5. Geweldig leuk zijn deze pannenlappen! Ik sta al in de startblokken hoor, voor de Kerst!
    Geweldig garen lijkt me dit. Mijn plaatselijk handwerkzaakje verkoopt hetzelfde soort garen, maar dan van Annell, ik ga het uitproberen denk ik, de kleuren zijn namelijk erg mooi ervan!

    Groetjes van Ellebel

  6. Wonderful pictures, very inspiring to see the colours and ideas coming to life. The best part I think!

    S x


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